I get burnt out on birthday cookies.

My lazy little brain wants to just write out ‘Happy Birthday!’ on each cookie and call it a day.


But then I get to thinking about someone opening a box of cookies only to see something they have seen all too often before it.. well… it motivates me to try new things.

Not totally fantastic or brilliant or earth shattering new things… just techniques and designs that are new to me.



These fantastically un-original cookies are just different colored lines.

The only thing I knew about the recipient was that he was turning 30 and his name was Adam.

So. I tried to go for masculine. Hence, brown, blue, and green.

I’m wildly imaginative you know.


I started out with these for his name. Then I thought it was too busy looking so I made different ones. (above)

I think I ate these. Its all kind of a sugar induced mental blur.



I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze icing.

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Reader Comments

  1. hoooooow cute!! that was very sweet of her. and i love your cookies as always. i have a giveaway going on right now. don’t miss it dear!

  2. I love the stripes- like i said before, you do amazing work! I wish you lived closer to me- Id def order cookies from you for all my kids parties!!

  3. Love the tiles! 🙂 Super cute. And… as usual… gorgeous cookies. Always makes me want to eat one. 🙂
    Blessings, Kari

  4. I love it! Thanks for continuously coming up with new creative ideas so sponges like me can try them out! Guess what! I found an amazing little kitchen store in our town–complete with frosting tips and amazing food coloring! It’s time to take this cookie decorating to the next level…that’s the one right above baggies! 🙂 Awesome cookies! I’m sure ADAM will be thrilled…with the cookies, probably not with turning 30. Silly numbers!

  5. Cute cookies – though I have to say I liked my polka dots better – but it was quite “manly”
    God Bless!

  6. You have endless ideas in that head of yours! Love these! They are very original, and look great in your newly refashioned cookie dome:) Love the tiles too! Lucky you!

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