And when I say everyone I mean… the people who asked the question.

Which might have been you.  But if it wasnt you, you might still have the question… but just never asked it.

So that's pretty much everyone.

Is my intellect blowing you away here?


So remember when I a little Q&A on my blog?  I have to tell you… I was SO nervous!  But you guys came up with the BEST questions and I had a blast answering them.  Well, some of them.

As much as I would love to do that again… there is someone else that you guys seem to want to talk to more.

I know!  How rude.  It is my blog and all. 

So… who have I been getting emails about? 

My dear sweet manly man of a husband. 

His name is Chad.  


Here are the very strict and precise rules:

You are allowed to ask him whatever your little heart desires.  

End of rules.

We are very picky around here.

I think I will leave this open until Monday or until there are twenty questions or so, whichever comes first.  But the sooner we get lots of questions the sooner he can answer and I dont know about you but I am dying to read what he has to say and dying to know what you guys will ask!

Just so you know,  I will not edit his answers in any way.  It might kill me… but HE will have complete control over my little blog for one whole post!

Oh!  And you are absolutely encouraged allowed to ask him how he manages to have such a beautiful and talented wife.  Cause I know that was the first thing that popped into your mind.  (thats it, I have GOT to create that sarcasm font!)

Not only have I been getting emails asking for this, but I also just happen to want to copy awesome hair Kate.  She just did this with her studly husband Ian.  Ian was such a popular guy that he had THREE different blog posts to answer all the questions.  My hubby is a man a few words.  I dont see that happening here.

Have fun!

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Reader Comments

  1. HMMMM! I just can’t think of anything to ask him…… Unless he happens to know how I should finish the last paragraph of my English paper…. 😉

  2. Oh! I might have to steal this idea, with your permission, of course!
    Let’s see . . .
    Dear Chad,
    How many more offspring will you be creating with dear Amanda?
    What is your occupation?
    What is your favorite meal Amanda cooks?
    Do you have a blog?
    How do you feel about your wife blogging?
    You may answer one of all.
    The choice is yours.

  3. Hello Chad from Yorktown, VA!
    I am curious, has Amanda always possessed such amazing talents and is it hard to live in her shadow? Do folks call you Mr. I am Baker or Mr.I am Mommy? Do you get recognized at WalMart? I am just joking. I really don’t have a question. I just wanted to thank you for supporting your wife who in turns keeps us folks entertained with her baked goods and antidotes.
    Beth Ayotte

  4. Girl you are brave. No one ever asks me questions. You know you are popular when you are asked questions and now they want to ask your husband questions. Big time:) Can’t wait to read the answers.

  5. Girl you are brave. No one ever asks me questions. You know you are popular when you are asked questions and now they want to ask your husband questions. Big time:) Can’t wait to read the answers.

  6. I have three questions…. because they are always different answers to the wives stories.
    1. What is YOUR version of the way you and your wife met?
    2. What do you remember most about the wedding?
    3. What is your version of the birth story of your munchkin??
    If I thought my hubs would do this, I would totally “borrow” your idea! However, he does not write (that I know of)!
    I can’t wait to see what your hubby says!

  7. Leslie… you should have seen my face when Chad said yes!  I thought for sure he would say no… You should ask your hubs just to see! 🙂  I think it would be neat if everyone did it!

  8. 1. How much weight do you gain from Amanda’s “practices?”
    2. Would you ever consider a homebirth? (pick your jaw off the floor, Amanda…it’s just something I wonder about husbands)
    3. Do you consider yourself more a “steady,” “command,” or “visionary” man?

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