What Happens When Mama Wears Lipstick

filed under: Miscellaneous on November 10, 2011

I dont do it often.

Even when I do, no one really notices.

Except the baby.

Who, at any given time of the day, is getting numerous kisses from every single member of his family.

Which is so normal its almost unnoticed.

Except when mama is wearing lipstick.

Then everyone has to come see Eddie’s kisses.

But he doesn’t seem to mind.

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  • Renee says:

    He is so adorable 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks girl! Your kiddies are pretty darn adorable too. 🙂

  • christine says:

    Oh, he is just too cute. He’s adorable. I can understand how he ends up with all those kisses. Surprised its just one. 🙂

    • Amanda says:

      Ha! I like the way you think!

  • Natalie @ Cooking for My Kids says:

    This post just absolutely made my day. Love the smiles, loves the cutie boy, and love the lipstick kisses!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you sweet Natalie!

  • Gianna says:

    Okay, so there are a couple of things that I need to make sure I say.
    1. I have been gone far too long. I wasn’t even sure if I was at the right page!
    2. I LOVE your new look. Love it. It is absolutely perfect for you. Amanda, seriously!
    3. God is blessing you! you are writing a book? I am so impressed wtih, amazed at, happy for, and a tad bit jealous of you. But I am so proud of you! You have always had a focus that I have needed. You are an inspiration to me. And wow! I can’t put into words what I am feeling.
    4. I miss you.
    5. your baby is SOOOOO CUTE!
    6. Eddie is ridiculously cute. Oh, did I say that already?
    7. Brin randomly mentioned you guys the other day.

    Keep going! You can do this!

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Gianna! I miss you too! You should call me. Lets get together!! Maybe the next day you are home with the kiddies?… we need to catch up!

  • Sally says:

    Oh my gosh Amanda! Those are the cutest pictures ever — and a sweet story too! Love it. =) ~Sally

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Sally!! Love seeing your pretty face. 🙂

  • Kathryn P. says:

    What an adorable face!!! I have two blue-eyed redheads myself, so I am quite partial but he is beautiful. He just makes you melt!

    • Amanda says:

      I couldnt agree with you more! Will have to pop over and see your cuties!

      • Kathryn P. says:

        I would be happy for you to pop over to see them except I have not taken the leap into blogging andthey have grown past “cute” and are now beautiful and handsome. One is student teaching up in St. Louis, the other is a junior in high school and there are two more in between. But, I enjoy your pics and reminisce about those wonderful days I had when they had baby cheeks! 🙂

        • Amanda says:

          You have such a way with words… I want to know more! Do you blog? I bet I would enjoy reading it a lot!

          BTW, Thanks so much for the kind words!

          • Kathryn P. says:

            Thank YOU for your kind words. I have not ventured into blogging but I certainly appreciate your compliment. I really enjoy your blog and have it in my favorites; so, I WILL be back. I’ve enjoyed talking with you. Keep the “adorable” coming!

  • Debbie says:

    That is too sweet! He looks so much like you!

    • Amanda says:

      Well, lets hope thats a phase! 😉 Great looking cookies on your site girl… you are so talented!

      • Debbie says:

        Thank you so much! That means a lot to me coming from you, one of my favorite cookie decorators!

  • Christina says:

    I mean really Amanda he is just too cute!!
    i’m loving his red hair!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks girl!

  • SweetSugarBelle says:

    I love this guy!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you! 🙂

  • Jenney says:

    I LOVE his hair. I don’t think I realized how red it was before this. Cute post :o)

  • aimee says:

    Oh my goodness, is he ever a cutie patootie!! You are blessed! : )

  • Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen says:

    Hooray! Eddie! Oh how I ♥ baby cheeks!!

  • Shaina says:

    I think I just died from the cuteness.

  • Meera says:

    so cute!!

  • Kids scooter says:

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  • Amy K says:

    lol! These are adorable Amanda!

  • Amber Hurd says:

    He is so cute 🙂

  • Heidi Hawyes says:

    Amanda, you have such a beautiful child! Eddie is just gorgeous! And your pictures are so crisp and clean!

  • Bethany says:

    Love those baby blues! You have grown so much in your photography. Your blog redo is gorgeous too. 🙂

  • Meghan :) says:

    Look at those sweet blue eyes! He is growing up way too fast, I can’t catch up!

  • Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen says:

    So cute. 🙂 This is precisely the reason I never wear lipstick/gloss/balm.

  • Janet says:

    Oh my gosh, you just made me want to have another baby! Well, okay, not really, but I’d love to babysit! So, so cute 😀

  • Paula says:

    So so adorable. I could almost hear his gurgly little laugh when I saw the last precious picture.

  • Jan Messali says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for the very sweet comment on my Frosting for the Cause post. My cancer experience was a blessing in disguise. It brought me to a much deeper relationship with God.

    Your baby is adorable! The pictures are all great, but the first one is absolutely precious. We are expecting our first grandchild, and I’m looking forward to taking about a million photos of him… and that’s just in the first year! 🙂

    Thanks again, Jan

  • doughiedeb says:

    I would love to take better pictures of my children. I have one of the original digital cameras. The pictures are a little blurry and you def can’t do anything creative with them. Not to mention it would be very nice to have pictures of the cakes I’m decorating for friends.