I dont do it often.

Even when I do, no one really notices.

Except the baby.

Who, at any given time of the day, is getting numerous kisses from every single member of his family.

Which is so normal its almost unnoticed.

Except when mama is wearing lipstick.

Then everyone has to come see Eddie’s kisses.

But he doesn’t seem to mind.

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Reader Comments

  1. Oh my gosh, you just made me want to have another baby! Well, okay, not really, but I’d love to babysit! So, so cute 😀

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for the very sweet comment on my Frosting for the Cause post. My cancer experience was a blessing in disguise. It brought me to a much deeper relationship with God.

    Your baby is adorable! The pictures are all great, but the first one is absolutely precious. We are expecting our first grandchild, and I’m looking forward to taking about a million photos of him… and that’s just in the first year! 🙂

    Thanks again, Jan

  3. I would love to take better pictures of my children. I have one of the original digital cameras. The pictures are a little blurry and you def can’t do anything creative with them. Not to mention it would be very nice to have pictures of the cakes I’m decorating for friends.

  4. Gracious Eddie is getting so big! He is absolutely adorable and I would be giving him kisses all day long too!!!

  5. As a ginger myself I LOVE seeing adorable ginger babies! This is the cutest thing I have seen in a very long time. I only hope that if/when I have kids (I’m 24 and single) that I can have cute little red head babies! Unfortunately I think it skips a generation in my family.. Both my brother and I have bright red hair, my mom and dad have dark brown. Here’s to hoping for red head grand babies in a very very long time from now!

  6. Haven’t been here in SO long – amazing to see your gorgeous baby grown so much!

    Greeting from Ireland 🙂

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