I just love when great stuff happens!  It appears that this idea has taken on a life of its own and how cool is that?? 

So!  To answer your questions…

Yes!  You can repost this on your blog if you want!  You can blog about it whenever you like, but March 3rd might be a fun day for everyone to do it.  Of course, if you would rather just bless a pregnant friend privately, well, bless your heart!  I just love that.

I am loving reading through emails and comments about how this has touched you!  You are such a blessing to me!

Feel free to also join the new Facebook group!  March 3rd is right around the corner!

And thanks to Londa, here is a button for you!  Thank you so much Londa, this is beautiful!


So my hubbys cousin Leah emailed me and asked if we could watch her kids next Wed.  (She just happens to be almost nine months pregnant!)  I immediately said yes because I adore her kids and my kids adore her kids and its a fun time had by all!

But what struck me was her subject line.

"March 3rd is National Help a Pregnant Woman Day."

She informed me she was kidding but I got to thinking…wouldn't it be nice?

Well, yes Leah.  I think it would!


So, I have a little challenge for you!  Do you know someone who is expecting?  Are you expecting?

If you know someone…why not plan an act of kindness for them?

Stop by and fold some laundry.

Drop off baked goods.

Send flowers.

Hand write her a note of love and appreication

Babysit her other kids for an hour.

Send her a gift card to Starbucks. (for after the baby of course!)

If you are pregnant… just send a link of this post to everyone you know! 

Maybe someone will read it and snap up the opportunity to do something for you!

You can always email me or comment here and I will try to match you up or do something sweet for you myself!  


I would love to be able to reach out and let all the pregnant mama's know how loved, special, and appreciated they are!

So what do you think?  Can we make March 3rd National Help a Pregnant Lady Day? 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. Oh, I wish I was pregnant 🙂
    My sister just had her baby, so she’s not longer pregnant…
    Hmmm, after the most recent baby was born at our church and I miscarried, there is currently no one pregnant there (that I know of…)
    I have some bloggy friends that are pregnant, and I suppose I could send them a nice note…
    Other than that, I promise to be nice to any pregnant ladies I happen to see at the grocery store on March 3rd…!!!

  2. what a sweet idea! 😉 I don’t think I know anyone pregnant (outside of blogland that is!) hm… processing… nope can’t think of anyone! how can this be! I am old! LOL!
    Just Jenn~

  3. Oooh… I am so excited. As a preggo gal myself I will be sure to pass on the memo to everyone I know! Do you think that anyone will believe that it is a “real” holiday? You know, come to think of it… I am really craving some of your deliciously-decorated cookies! 🙂 Plan on delivering to Fargo that day?
    P.S. I finally got the nerve to try out my editing software yesterday. Talk about overwhelming! 🙂 But I had a lot of fun and got a few “novice-looking” pictures… but still way better than anything I took before…

  4. What a great idea! Can we include ‘National help a lady who was just pregnant less then a week ago’ day?? My friend had her baby on Wednesday and I’m thinking very soon I need to go take some pictures!

  5. Michelle, I think the help a pregnant lady day should be extended to ladies who are still in the recovery (6 to 8 weeks….or maybe 6 to 8 years… lol) stage!

  6. I meant to write more! It seems so odd to me that there are people who commented that they know no one pregnant, go to any military base and they’d find a good portion pg always!! I couldn’t even count how many pg women besides myself that I see on a daily basis, at least 20 every day!! Deployments do that, either get pg before, during (R&R babies), or after babies!

  7. Oh no! I love this and I want to put a post up for it. I will put a post up for it. But even if I get it up by Monday that only gives readers 2 days to get the word out! Ahhhhhhh!
    Too soon! Next time we make up a holiday lets set it for at least a month out or more. Please. I love jumping on band wagons, but this time I’m really running behind trying to catch up.
    Love you Amanda.

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