When you see this site.  Seriously… the amount of detail…

I saw this listed on Cop Mama's site (shes a Cop so shes knows her stuff)

You need to go to:

RIGHT NOW, enter your name and see if your personal info is listed.
If so, scroll down to the VERY bottom and click on "privacy" to request to remove it.

It is a clearinghouse of info and may include:

And other personal information you may not feel comfortable letting the whole world know about you!

Thank you Cop Mama for this info… I went and removed Chad's name. (I was not listed)  I just cant get over the amount of detail on there!  As a blogger…well it was just scary!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Amanda. I removed Brian and I.
    BUT I had to laugh. They had our house listed at a value of “$1M+” Don’t know where they got that little piece of (mis)information. But I think I might like to move there. *grin*

  2. :::::::::::::::: MUST READ ::::::::::::::::
    Amanda, please check Wickipedia’s page on Spokeo (here’s the link)…apparently, when you input the URL and your email address to have the information removed as I was going to do, they pfish your information and then sell your email address, which opens you up to spam, viruses, etc. Basically it just continues to pass along your confirmed email address to another “bank” if you will like Spokeo and the same thing just continues elsewhere.
    I am appalled that this information is out there. This is why I never leave a real email address or name on blogs such as yours or MckMama’s. The naysayers can call me a coward all they want, but EVERYTHING YOU PUT ONLINE — INCLUDING COMMENTS POSTED TO BLOGS LIKE THIS ONE — SHOWS UP FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, SOMETIMES AT A PRICE OF $35 PER MONTH, SOMETIMES ON FREE SITES.
    Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention.

  3. I saw that Wikipedia page… but I have about as much faith in wikipedia as I do spokeo.  As far as I am concerned, I took the appropriate steps to handle the situation as best as possible, and even if anything were to ever come from it, I am happy that I chose to remove our info from the site.

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