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Bacon Gravy

I made bacon the other day.  Lovely smoked black pepper covered bacon.

It just so happened that my lovely bacon produced quite a bit of fat.

I could not bear to throw it away, so I decided to keep it and try and think of something fattening to make in the future.

Like… my Thanksgiving turkey!

Starting about an hour before it was done cooking, I basted the turkey in the bacon grease.  Generous amounts of the seasoned bacon fat drizzled down the breast and legs.

Even time I opened the oven door it was sensory overload… the site of that gorgeous golden bird mixed with the aroma of delicious bacon was almost more then I could resist!

When the turkey was done cooking, I simply prepared the gravy from the bird drippings.

Then I poured it over a nice sweet slab of white meat and took a bite.

And surely was transported to my happy place.

I think I may have even groaned aloud.

It was the best, and I mean the best gravy I have ever tasted in my life.  That little bit of (and when I say little I mean at least a quarter cup) of bacon grease has seasoned that gravy within an inch of its life.

It was rich.  It was decadent.  It was good enough to drink.  (not that I did that…)

Seriously… you MUST try this next time you cook a turkey. There is an occasion coming up quite soon right? ;)

I cant even imagine how it would taste over creamy, fluffy white mashed potatoes.  Its more then my little bacon grease loving brain can handle.


  1. Regan says

    I may have to do that the next time my bacon-hating hubby is out of town. I bet you could do that with roast chicken too! Oh man!

  2. says

    My mother-in-law always covered the turkey in bacon and then removed the bacon when it was cooked to allow the bird to get golden. The drippings from the turkey contained bacon grease and were used to make up the gravy – sherry was added to the gravy and to the cook. LOL delicious and everyone wanted a piece of the turkey basted bacon too – yum!!!

  3. Samantha says

    Seriously? That look so amazing ! I have been craving bacon for so long and think I could get away with this with the family. Thanks for the post. Your entire blog is just beautiful.

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