Rose Birthday Cake

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Our sweet Audrey has a December birthday.

She is destined to share her special day with the red and green accents of Christmas and to recieve the dreaded “two-fer” gifts.
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So this year for her third birthday, I wanted to make her a cake that was all about her.

I asked her what she wanted.

Showed her pictures of cakes from previous years, let her dream and wish to her hearts delight.  It could be any color.  With any embellishment.

She picked the cake with the most possible frosting!

She is clearly her mothers daughter.

I wanted the cake to do double duty, so I made the top her “smash” cake.  We can remove it when it comes time to eat so she has her very own pink princess cake.  Since the roses are so easy to do, I will bring a bag of white frosting with me and just quick add some to the top before everyone else’s pieces are served.  (Here is the Rose Cake Tutorial)

She hasn’t actually seen it yet (as I hope to surprise her with it tomorrow) but I hope she likes it!


You can also see my version of a Royal Wedding Rose Cake and the Original Rose Cake!






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  1. says

    Super pretty! Your Audrey & my Aubrey have birthdays so close and their names are so similar, love that. I love the rose cake and I bet Audrey will too.

    • says

      I believe I got this one at TJ Maxx! That or my mom got it for me. I adore Home Goods and Marshals as well… but my favorite place to get cake stands is thrift and antique stores! Thanks for the kind words and Happy Baking!

  2. says

    What a wonderful idea!! When is her birthday?? Karlena’s is the 20th – she will be 1 !!!! And we are planning a small cake for her to smash when we have Christmas as a family…but as she gets older I really want to keep it special for her. What are some other things you have done? I heard once of the idea of having a birthday christmas tree that is just for the birthday girl up all month. But I know I will need to be a little more intentional about her special day each year! :)
    Blessings friend!

    • says

      Her actual birthday is the 19th, so they are really close! My friend Kristen does a room full of streamers for her kids birthday, I have also heard of blowing up a zillion balloons and when they wake up the balloons are all over the floor.. I have got to try that sometime. Cant believe your little Karlena is going t0 be 1 already!!

  3. Becky Knepp says

    I did the rose cake for a baby shower. It turned out awesome. It was my first ever cake that I really decorated and it was super easy and looked great.

  4. Jeannette says

    What size pans did you use for each layer?? I have a birthday for my little one coming up and this is GORGEOUS. I have made your rose cake several times and it’s always a showstopper. Thanks for all the inspiration!!! I have JUST received my first “real” order for cupcakes! I couldn’t be happier. I LOOOOVE baking and it would be phenomenal if this home baking is a success:)

    • says

      I used a 9in for the bottom, a six in for the middle, and a 3 in for the top. No skewers or anything for stability, I just stacked the cakes and frosted!

      Good luck to you with your home business… I pray that you reach your dreams! :)

  5. Jennifer says

    what a beautiful cake! Love the rose cake and have made it….God bless and favor your sweet little girl and what a talented momma she has!

  6. says

    I also have a “two-fer” birthday, but I have to say you have outdone yourself. I have never seen anything so wonderful for a close-to-Chritmas-birthday and I absolutely love the topper. She is one luck little lady and will grow up to be a wonderful woman with parents like you. Love!

  7. Meghan says

    I can’t believe Miss Audrey is 3! This cake is beautiful, it gave me wonderful ideas for a baby girl baby shower!! Hope she has a thrilling 3rd birthday!