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  1. says

    I think this cake is BEAUTIFUL!!!! and I loved this post
    My cousin just showed me the link today. I too got married on April 29th and it was the most perfect day even though it wasn’t “royal”

  2. says

    Thanks very much for this awesome blog post; this is the kind of thing that keeps me going through the day. I’ve been searching around for this site after I heard about them from a buddy and was thrilled when I was able to find it after searching for some time. Being an avid blogger, I’m pleased to see others taking initiative and contributing to the community. I just wanted to comment to show my appreciation for your work as it’s very encouraging, and many bloggers do not get the credit they deserve. I’m sure I’ll be back and will send some of my friends.

  3. Tammy says

    I stumbled across this cake on Pinterest and have been obsessed with it ever since :)
    I am getting married this November and would love to have a similar cake for our wedding.
    A friend of the family makes cakes and she loved the picture, but wondered if you provided recipes or some step-by-steps on how you made those beautiful hydrangeas and roses. If you have an opportunity to email me at with some details, I would be extremely grateful.

    Thanks very much… and I <3 your blog.


  4. Нelena says

    So beautiful! Your cakes is AWESOME ! Please oh please share what kind of butter do you use ?
    Thank you !

  5. says

    My sweetie gave me my engagement ring on April 29th last year (the royal wedding day). It was coincidence on his part, I assure you. We are getting married on April 21st and I am making the cake. I am decorating like this one, only there will be a third tier (sticking with the roses on it). I am thinking of using dragees on the hydrangeas for centers. Either gold or a pale iridescent. The cake is a lemon-berry bon apetit cake (lemon/lemon syrup/fresh blackberries and lemon curd/Swiss meringue buttercream). I will, of course, make your buttercream if the one from the recipe doesn’t turn out. It works perfect every time. Thank you for making something so lovely, I adored it from the first second I saw it. Any word on where the cake plate is from? It looks like it might be vintage. It’s beautiful.

    • says

      Thank you! And congrats on your upcoming nuptials! It sounds like your cake is going to be amazingly lovely… those flavors are divine! I cant wait to see pictures! :)

      I actually got the cake stand from my mom and have no idea where she got it! So sorry!

      • says

        I posted the photos on my blog. The cake was lovely. I was a little disappointed because the background was too close and so a bit of photoshopping had to occur. The cake was so much prettier in person. Thank you again!

  6. says

    I love ur cake.. It’s extremely gorgeous. What nozzles you used for this particular design top and bottom.
    Can I use cream cheese frosting to replace buttercream.

  7. Teresa says

    This is a beautiful cake do you have a tutorial? how can you put flowers in cake??? o are hard flowers????

  8. addie jane says

    I was checkin’ out your site today. I googled buttercream swirl rose and found you. Saw this post and felt the need to tell you I was one of those other brides. And thank you, for the cake. :)

  9. Darla says

    Woooo, girl….this is fabulous. I made your delicious rose cake as a Valentine’s Day present for my sweetheart and it was absolutely wonderful! Beautiful, not too complicated, and delicious!

  10. Mahii says

    The cake looks amazing, what tip did u use to make the flowers on the top? I really want to make something like this for my parents wedding anniversary.

  11. Sophie says

    How did you assemble this cake? And did you decorate each cake then put it together or decorate them once assembled?

    thanks :)

  12. Denise says

    This is just the perfect combination of flowers I’ve been looking for as a shower cake!! Thank you for sharing your talents! The cake is gorgeous…I hope my version will do yours justice !