Hi! Remember me? I used to make cookies?

Since I have gotten tonz* of emails asking if I still make cookies I thought I had better show some.

*Tonz meaning zero.


These were for Miss Amanda, who happened to have won a dozen free cookies on my blog some time ago, and decided it was time to cash in!

She is, today I believe, giving birth to a beautiful baby boy they have named Jeremiah. Congrats girl!!!

(Cause I am sure she is reading my blog right about now. Snort.)


I went for very classic, simple design, with basic boy colors.

Nothing to crazy for these sweet folks.


I hope they like them! Cant wait to see pictures of that new precious miracle!

But wait. Remember when I said, "Nothing to crazy…"

I lied.

I made this cookie…


… and realized that I literally lost my mind. Can you imagine ordering sweet new baby cookies and receiving this hot mess?!?!?!!??? I did NOT send her these. That green color reminds me on vomit and the "spit happens"? Well thats just classy with acapitolK. Uuummmmm… spit up on a cookie… yummy.

Oh well. Hope she likes the real cookies. 🙂


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Reader Comments

  1. Wonderful, as usual! My daughter loves your site just as much as I do and while looking these new creations over, she read, “simple design”!!!!!????? We both agreed neither of us could Ever do anything even close. How do you write so well on cookies? I don’t even write that well on paper 🙂

  2. LOL! You could make cookies for a baby born on Dec. 31st that say, “Tax Break”….also realllly classy! : )

  3. I literally LOL-ed at the Spit Happens cookies, I’d have thought them genius if you’d sent them to be.
    However I am not a mother so probably don’t get how gross and soul-destroying that could actually be.
    Gorgeous cookies though (the ‘real’ ones)!

  4. You *didn’t* send her the Spit Happens?!? Oh, those are hilarious!!! Amanda, there is NO end to your creativity! Darling, as usual! 🙂

  5. Those spit happens cookies would be great for a baby shower, especially one that’s done a couple weeks after the baby is born!

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