When super sweet, talented, gorgeous Kelly asked if I would make cookies for a baby shower she was hosting, I said YES! Why?

1. It was local and I can not find a way to ship my cookies successfully so I LOVE local orders.

2. Who can say no to super sweet talented gorgeous Kelly? Not I!


She gave me this napkin to work from. Is that not the cutest?

I was terrified and mesmerized at the same time.






Makes me want to have a baby! But then again, so does breathing. I might have baby fever.



Hope she likes them!

I used my Amazing Sugar Cookie recipe and Awesome Frosting recipe.

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Reader Comments

  1. Those are the cutest cookies ever!
    I don’t think I could get myself to eat them even if I had it right in front of me – they look too precious!

  2. This is perfect to whatever party we want to do, and excellent way to meet people and share interesting anecdotes.

  3. I love your cookies! My theme is zoo crew and would love to order cookies to match our theme. Do you sell your cookies????

  4. wow they are so cute. Any suggestions on how to create the design when you are artistically deficient. Would love to make these for my sister’s baby shower

  5. WOW love the cookies. Can you give an idea on how to create the art of them. Do you make a stencil or just freehand. Would love to make them for my sister’s baby shower.

  6. Hihi!!
    I came across your site and I immediately fell in LOVE!! <3
    I am from Australia...So it is pretty much impossible for me to find corn syrup for the cookie frosting...Do you know of anything that I can maybe substitue it with? (^-*)

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