These sweet little frog inspired cupcakes are made from buttercream and the very best vanilla cupcakes!

Buttercream Frog Cupcakes!

These frog cupcakes were suggested by (ok, they flat out begged) my kids. We had fun figuring out a way to do them that was easy but still looked like a frog. You do NOT want to see the very first ones we made! Words like “blob” and “scary” come to mind.

Here is a video showing how I made them:

Tips & Tricks:

For the green I used a 2A large open round tip.  For the white I used a #12 open round tip and for the black and pink I used a #4 round tip.

This is the vanilla cupcake recipe I used and it is the best. Seriously light and delicious. I made a shortening based buttercream and it held up well to the “stacking” I did with the “eyes” of the frog. (Sorry about all the quotations. It just felt right.) I used a little McCormick® green food coloring (1 drop for 1 cup of buttercream) and a little red food coloring for the pink. McCormick® does offer black food coloring and I think I used a teaspoon of that for 1 cup of buttercream.

Buttercream Frog Cupcakes!

I ended up on this specific design because I loved how it looked from all sides. Plus it was easy enough for the kids to help me with! They loved creating smiles and rosy-pink cheeks.

Buttercream Frog Cupcakes!

Hopefully, you now know how to create really cute and simple froggy cupcake!

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  1. Oh wow! Do you know the famous frog character ” Kerokerokeroppi” in Japan? Do you like Sanrio? If you made this as Kerokeorokeroppi, you should send a picture to the company. They may introduce you to Japanese Sanrio fans. This is completely the same looking with real Kerokerokeroppi.

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