My neighbor has a little girl whose birthday was today… and being the sweet neighbor that she is she asked if I would make the cake. I love when people ask me things like that! Baking for friends and family is one of my greatest joys.

Anyway, she just said, “Its Nevaeh’s (Heaven backwards) birthday, she likes butterfly’s and chocolate and girly stuff. Go to it!”

So being the daring baker I am I made a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. (has anyone invented a sarcasm font yet?)


And used the colors of the rainbow. Except indigo. Does anyone use indigo anymore?

I just made some of my royal icing and piped on butterfly’s.

Not including baking, it took about an hour.




This is one of those cakes that anyone can do… so I hope you try it! Be sure to take lots of pictures…and make it yours!


On a totally unrelated topic, would you like to see my kitchen? I just posted some pictures that should have NEVER been made public. Yes, they are that bad!

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Reader Comments

  1. Amanda! :]
    I don’t speak english…:( but, google translation 😀
    I love your ART! =D – (eu amo sua arte!)
    Congratulations! (Parabéns!)
    B-l-e-s-s-e-d hands !! Your Flickr is beautiful :}
    Kisses from Brasil for you :}
    São Paulo – Brasil)

  2. Love your cake…so fun with all of those vibrant colors! Thanks for sharing your kitchen pictures too! Don’t feel bad, my kitchen gets just as messy whenever I take on baking projects too…sometimes all your energy is drained during the baking and decorating that you just need to wait a day or two to clean up the clutter!

  3. I don’t know HOW you made all those butterflies look so identical to each other. Fantastic!

  4. What a cute cake! I bet she loved it. Here’s a question for ya… how do you store your cakes when you make them the night before? I just made your faith cake for Easter tomorrow and I don’t have a glass dome be enough to cover it. So, I had to stab it full of toothpicks so that I could keep the saran wrap off the icing.

  5. so, so pretty…my daughter (and son for that matter) loves butterflies…so wish you were my neighbor so i could recruit your baking skills on our birthdays…you have such a steady hand to do so many fine details so perfectly alike…pretty rainbow colors…

  6. My daughter’s BD is coming up and she loved this cake. It is beautiful! Looks like a lot of work to put all of those butterflies on…wow!

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