I decided that I want to do something interactive here on iambaker.

*More on that in a moment.

Then I decided to give myself a challenge. 

So then I grabbed a decorators tip and told myself that I would decorate three cakes with it.

And then I decided that the theme was numbers.

Here is the tip I chose.  Its a #150.  The shape is similar to an oblong rectangle.  Its pretty basic.

So how do I design three different cakes with one tip?

You can go nuts here and pick any theme or any inspiration that strikes your fancy, but I just decided to use numbers.  So the next job was how to interpret them into frosting.

So yeah, I just sorta copied them exactly.  Maybe I will "interpret" numbers next time.




I liked how these turned out… its a simple, do-able, fun design that you can customize to any lucky recipient. 


I think "1" was my favorite.


Audrey adored "2".  The boys just wanted to eat them.

They can be customized for a little girls birthday or a tea party or make them blue and put a "You Did It" on the flag then surprise your kidlets on their first day home from school.

But there is more.

Here is where you come in.  I was hoping we could work together for the greater good of man.

Then make cakes and stuff.

You pick a decorators tip.

I will make three different cake designs from it using buttercream frosting. 

Pick any tip.  If I don't have it, I will get it. 

I will make cakes until you are sick of this little game and call your mom to come pick you up.


Here is where I totally lost focus of the cakes and started cutting hydrangea's in my yard and had visions of becoming a florist.


And here is where I counted my blessings that I could make cakes, be outside in the beautiful sun, and still be spending time with the little people that I made. Birthed.  You know what I mean.

*blissful sigh*


Back to work.

The challenge has been set.  Now its up to you.  I need you to help me focus. 

You pick a decorators tip and give me the number and brand and I will get to bakin'. 

Depending on the number of suggestions I will either pick a comment at random or just agree to that one that Cheryl has been buggin me about.

Ya know. If there are no other suggestions. 😉

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Reader Comments

  1. Hmm, I’m kind of torn. The grass tip would definitely be exciting, but I’m kind of drawn to tip 320 (Wilton? Not totally sure). It has kind of a non-pointy star shape that’s rather intriguing. I confess, I usually only use 2 or 3 of my tips. Watching this experiment gives me motivation to branch out and try to remember what they are REALLY used for.

  2. pretty, pretty please: Wilton #70 and Wilton #81…I can’t really think of a number, as I don’t want to make it any harder, BUT, just to follow the rules, I’ll suggest doing a “3” with tip #81 and doing…ahhhh…well, any number with #70…I’m too indecisive!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next!!!

  3. Those cakes are so cute, but I just wanted to say that Eddie is getting so big! He’s so cute. I hope everything’s going better at home now.

  4. You are just amazing. I don’t care HOW I try to decorate a cake…it’s always ugly! I love all of these, but I especially love #2! 🙂
    And Eddie!!! ♥

  5. Amanda – the cakes are great and I love the tip “tip”. But that baby and that yard and those metal buckets. If that is your back yard, I am moving in. Do you have room in your house for a family of 5? You are one blessed and talented lady. P.S. I have no suggestons…I merely follow your lead. You are my muse and my mentor!

  6. #2 is breathtaking!!! I selfishly want you to pick a tips and to cookies! Can you imagine #2 as a cookie?

  7. I was just practicing with different tips last month on cupcakes I made for my husband’s birthday. You were the inspiration for that! I’d like to see what you come up with using Wilton’s tip #199.
    P. S. Your baby son is adorable!!!

  8. they are all so amazing…I like #2 as well but again they are very delicate and whimsy looking…..I will have to take a look at my tips and give you a thought…I know wilton has this tip that looks like it has three little hearts on on it, I have wondered what that would look like. Take care. (oh baby…that baby is preciousness)

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