UPDATED: Full tutorial HERE.

I think, after sugar cookies, petit fours are my new favorite thing to do.

They lend themselves so easily to my ideas.



See what I use to make these (Oreo!) and how to do it on this post I wrote about Valentine Petite Fours.





See how I made these here: https://iambaker.net/valentines-petit-four-tutorial/



I seriously could have made a hundred of these… but no one likes fondant around here, so we (gasp!) just end up throwing them away.

See my full tutorial for making Petite Fours HERE.


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Reader Comments

  1. OMG! These are the cuttesr little thing ever! We all NEED a tutorial! Lol pleeeease! Here in Spain we love fondant, at least me! 🙂 i love your blog!

  2. If you are using the Wilton pre-made fondant, I don’t blame you for not liking it. I have heard from everyone that has used it that it tastes nasty. I haven’t worked with fondant myself yet (kind of scared since I just got started with cake decorating), but I hear there is an awesome marshmallow fondant recipe out there. If I can get it this week at cake decorating class, I can pass it along if you don’t have it! I have been told, by many now, that it is a very good recipe; however it is best for just covering a cake or cutting 2D things out (3D stuff can take weeks to set from what I was told today).

  3. Beautiful! But no wonder your family doesn’t like fondant. The problem is the brand you’re using. Try Satin Ice or even Duff Goldman (Michael’s has it). I’ve tried many of the Duff Goldman products and I think they’re terrific. His fondant has a nice flavor and consistency, and is available in many colors.

    Can’t wait to see your tutorial–I’ve never made petit fours, but I do love to eat them!

  4. Say what?!?!?!? You throw them away??? Please tell me you no longer do this!?!?!?!?! I am such a no-throw-away kind of person!! I will either find someone to take them, or find a way to re-use stuff that I mess up or that didn’t turn out right. I would have GLADLY taken them off your hands! They are too cute!! I am not a huge fondant fan either, but I realized the marshmallow kind is way better than the others… 🙂 I really want to make these now.

  5. It is gorgeous! Also a great idea as a Christmas gift. I’ve never play with fondant before but this is time definitely want to try it. I bet i will find a lot fun. 🙂

    Looking forward more your tutorial.

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