Cookies For Liz Part Deux

filed under: Miscellaneous on September 19, 2009

I coulda slept in this morning.  I need to sleep in.  Really, really badly.

But when I opened my eyes at Audrey's first whimpering of the morning, a smile crept over my face, and I knew today was going to be a good day.

So yes, I could have slept in.

But then I would have missed this.




That's Jenny.  In the pink shirt.  Smiling off into the distance.  Being all cute with her bad self.  She helped organize and work the events of the weekend.  She rocks. 


Madeline was every bit as precious in person as on her famous Daddy's blog.

I even got to give her one of these.


"for the love" inspired from this image




Thanks Jo, for letting me make these cookies for you. 

And to everyone else that I saw this morning… giving up their time, their energy, their resources…

I was inspired. 

You are amazing!

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  • He & Me + 3 says:

    Beautiful pictures. YOu are too funny asking me for photo tips. Girl you rock the camera! Looks like the event was a huge success. Madeline is gorgeous.

  • carma says:

    Glad it was a fantastic day/event!

  • Christy says:

    Beautiful photo’s as always and the cookies turned out FABULOUS!!!!

  • Janis says:

    Glad the event went well! 🙂 Beautiful day for it here! 🙂

  • Laura says:

    What a great day for the event. I wanted to go so bad but we had other plans already. 🙁
    Madeline is SO adorable!!

  • gianna says:

    what a beautiful day for a beautiful walk.

  • Carrie says:

    Wow…really great photos…such a wonderful event, glad you could attend and make those super cookies…how could you eat such art made from sugar! WEll…I probably would’ve too! YUM!
    Looked like a fabulous day…hopefully you can still find a day to sleep in!

  • Jo says:

    I loved that you were able to meet up with us today! I would love to visit again soon for even longer. The cookies were awesome and Jamie had his very first cookie EVER today thanks to you! My friend even blogged about it on HER blog and posted some awesome pics.

  • Eyeglasses & Endzones says:

    Hi!!! I popped over from He& Me because of your subliminal message…it self destructed right over to this blog!!!
    I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS!!! You are really funny too..I love your comment about Forbes 25 blogs and how that you can’t create quality content…LOL You are too funny… I will stick around a while!!! 😉

  • Alison says:

    Just had to pop in and say thanks for sharing the photos, for going to the walk and for the cookies. Did I go? I’m nowhere near the MN. 😉 But regardless, I am another follower of Matt and Maddy.. and now I am bookmarking your blog, as I am enjoying reading through it. 😀

  • Sunshine Mama says:

    Hey! Those cookies tasted great! Thanks for making them plus they made for a cute little story that I put together on my blog. It was nice to meet you. You do a wonderful job on the cookies. They look so nice it almost seems like we shouldn’t be eating them, but that’s silly because they taste sooo good.

  • Tina Fisher says:

    YOU rock Amanda!
    Looks like it was a good time. I should have went!
    We are planning on Tuesday, but I wonder about the weather????
    Your cookies look awesome!

  • Bethany says:

    What a fun day that looks to be. I hope you are getting rested. Those pictures are simply amazing.

  • BigMamaCass says:

    You are pretty amazing yourself! Those are fantastic!

  • Pineapple Princess says:

    SUPER awesome photos!!

  • Christina says:

    You are a great photographer! And the cookies of course look divine!

  • Trenches of Mommyhood says:

    I love Matt’s blog and I love that you did this!

  • darcie says:

    So thanks to Jenny I was able to track you down (I was trying to track down who made the cookies!) – I met you briefly at the LLF 5k – AMAZING cookies! Amazing woman you are! And now, I must go read about all the other amazing things I see you do!
    How inspiring!

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