You Can Decide My Fate With One Vote

filed under: Miscellaneous on February 10, 2010

Due to a last minute cancellation and/or lapse in the producers judgment, I was asked to go back on the Fox morning show on Feb. 21st for a short cooking segment.

I was so excited and honored and shocked and excited! Until I realized I had NO idea what to do!!!

So! I need to ask you a favor. Can you help me decide please?

Here are my thoughts.

The Ultimate Dessert


Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing (more of a tutorial)


Coffee Sugar Cookies


Something Brand New


Dont Bake. Try to Challenge Myself and Actually Cook Something. (aaahhhhhhh!)


So, think you can help? Here goes.

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  • Alicia says:

    Hi there! I voted for the sugar cookies with icing because there are probably alot of moms that watch the show, and would love learing that!! I know I would!

  • Diane {} says:

    How GREAT! I can’t wait to see it (if you post it) I loved the last segment! You are a natural 🙂

  • Barbara says:

    I know you make and decorate fab cookies, so why not try the ultimate dessert?

  • Katie says:

    ooooh Ultimate dessert Ultimate dessert!!!!

  • bridget {bake at 350} says:

    You GO Girl!!! My goodness…you are a super star!!! 🙂

  • Kristin Kunoff says:

    Go Amanda! Wish I lived in the Twin Cities so I could watch! Break a leg!

  • Amys blah, blah, blogging says:

    I just wanted to tell you I made the rainbow cake for my daughter’s fourth birthday and holy cow, that was such a hit! Everyone kept telling me they were going to do it for their children’s birthdays. It seriously looked liked yours too, couldn’t believe I could pull that off! Thanks so much.

  • Natasha says:

    I wish I could help you out here, but I’ve just spent the last hour or so looking through every single post on this blog and everything but everything you make is beautiful. Honestly, I don’t think you could go wrong doing any one of the five things you suggested or going in a completely different direction. Break a leg and have a great time!

  • Cindy says:

    Hi Amanda…Congratulations. For tv you need something colorful and easy to set up in stages. The sugar cookies are colorful and only a little baking is required. If you made the sugar cookies, you can make up some with the Fox logo in advance! Think Color!!

  • Jana says:

    I couldn’t vote because I think it should definitely be Petit Fours! I am SO doing this for our chocolate festival. I think they would transfer well to TV, too.

  • Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh I am probably too late but yay! Congrats to you my friend. I am so proud of you xxxx

  • Tracy says:

    Go super super duper fast and do everything!! Why not? Open mouth, insert fire hose, turn on… could happen Ü
    I’m being selfish and wanna see the cookies being decorated Ü

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