I wanted to share with you how quick and easy the frosting technique is that I used on my Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake.

I have only ever used this method on whipped cream (as in Cool Whip) so at this point I can only recommend it for that type of frosting.

Here is all I did!

Apply a thick layer of whipped cream. This works better when it is chilled.


Well. I should start out by saying a did a rough crumb coat in vanilla frosting. Not whipped cream.

Just in case some of the cake wanted to peek through after I ‘combed’ the frosting.

Am I confusing you yet?


Here is how I did it.

Get a piece of sturdy paper like a heavy card stock or even cardboard. Draw a design on the edge, cut out the negative, then ‘comb’ the paper around the edge of the cake. (taking away the excess frosting)

If you happen to have a rotating cake stand, this would be a great time to use it.

With the simple half circle design I made you get this effect:


Now, this is by no means an original concept. Professional cake decorators have these handy dandy tools already!

But I dont. And I wanted to try something new. So I just made my own. And you can too!

The fun thing is, you can make any design that suits your fancy. I even tried a geometric design.


Since I was having so much fun with the different looks, I decided to simplify a bit and do a basic smooth finish.


With a little spike on top.

But then I thought about cutting into a cake with that crazy spike on top and decided to change it yet again. So I ended up with a classic vertical design. (tutorial for this design here)


And then, because Easter is just a few short days away… I wanted to share this.


Its supposed to be an Easter Egg… but I think I got a little over zealous in the design department.

Live and learn! 🙂

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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  1. Hi Amanda. I love your videos and recipes. I am looking for a strawberry frosting recipe that taste good and holds up well in hot humid weather. I live in Texas and it’s almost a hundred degrees and I need a strawberry frosting that will travel well to a birthday party.

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