I wanted to share with you how quick and easy the frosting technique is that I used on my Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake.

I have only ever used this method on whipped cream (as in Cool Whip) so at this point I can only recommend it for that type of frosting.

Here is all I did!

Apply a thick layer of whipped cream. This works better when it is chilled.


Well. I should start out by saying a did a rough crumb coat in vanilla frosting. Not whipped cream.

Just in case some of the cake wanted to peek through after I ‘combed’ the frosting.

Am I confusing you yet?


Here is how I did it.

Get a piece of sturdy paper like a heavy card stock or even cardboard. Draw a design on the edge, cut out the negative, then ‘comb’ the paper around the edge of the cake. (taking away the excess frosting)

If you happen to have a rotating cake stand, this would be a great time to use it.

With the simple half circle design I made you get this effect:


Now, this is by no means an original concept. Professional cake decorators have these handy dandy tools already!

But I dont. And I wanted to try something new. So I just made my own. And you can too!

The fun thing is, you can make any design that suits your fancy. I even tried a geometric design.


Since I was having so much fun with the different looks, I decided to simplify a bit and do a basic smooth finish.


With a little spike on top.

But then I thought about cutting into a cake with that crazy spike on top and decided to change it yet again. So I ended up with a classic vertical design. (tutorial for this design here)


And then, because Easter is just a few short days away… I wanted to share this.


Its supposed to be an Easter Egg… but I think I got a little over zealous in the design department.

Live and learn! 🙂

Happy Easter to you and yours!

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Reader Comments

  1. This was such a wonderful post, and definitely one I will save the next time I frost a cake! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the Easter egg inside. I just don’t understand how you got the Easter egg to appear inside of the cake. I have scanned your website for a 1/2 hr. (?) trying to find step by step photo instructions on how to do this and could not find any. 🙁 Would you be willing and able to send me an email with these instructions please? I would really appreciate it.
    I also really loved the colors of your rainbow cakes and the cross inside your other cake and for what you stand for (your Christian values).
    God bless.

  3. I was impressed with the outside decorating of the cake, but then the came the inside!!!! Wow is all I can say. You must have the patience of Job! I just love it.

  4. I just need you to clarify…so you frosted the outside with a light layer of vanilla frosting, then topped that with cool whip all over? Frozen or refrigerated? About how many tubs of cool whip did you need? Did you have to keep the cake chilled up until right before you served it? I am planning on making the red velvet strawberry shortcake for my daughter’s birthday on Saturday. Thank you for creating such a lovely and inspiring cake!

  5. Hi, Im Vietnamese and I luv ur blog so muchhhhhhhhhhh :xxx Can I ask u sth: Im using Wilton icing color and have been struggled to get a very strong red color, or any strong color like blue. So Im asking for ur advice, do u have to use much color drops to get a strong red color or using some tricks. By the way, Im using Swiss buttercream, thanks a lottttttttttttttt :XXX

  6. I am really struggling with this tutorial. The first time I made it, I used my own homemade whipped cream and it came out super bumpy. The second time I made it I got Cool Whip and the bumps were gone, but I had problems with the cake showing and the whipped cream not taking shape. I see now that you have said to use vanilla frosting for the crumb coating so I will try a third time using frosting for the crumb coating to prevent the cake from showing, but how cold does the Cool Whip need to be? Should I be keeping it in the freezer until I frost the cake? I used a store bought comb and the frosting seemed to soft to hold curves. And does the cake need to be served right away to keep the shape? Or can it be stored in the fridge overnight? Thanks. Wish I had your natural abilities.

  7. How do I find your buttercream frosting recipes? There is no “search” option on your I am Baker site.

    Thank you.

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