First Birthday Cake (and a blog party)

filed under: Miscellaneous on July 20, 2010

When Allison from O My Family told me her gorgeous little man was celebrating his first birthday soon, I knew immediately that I wanted to make him a cake. When she sent me her invite, I was smitten.

It was classically beautiful, had wonderful color, and the most simple, perfect design. (this is not the actual invite, just the banner from her blog)


How cute is that?


This was one of those rare times when I really wanted to go literal with my interpretation. You really can’t improve on that sweet little design!


When we discussed flavors she mentioned banana… yay! Just so happens I have a great new banana cake recipe. So I did banana for the little top layer and the Best Chocolate Cake for the bottom layer.

The top layer set on its own piece of cardboard so that they could remove it for O’ Baby to eat when birthday cake time arrived.

I also made a couple of little embellishments for them to add later… I didn’t want them broken in transit.


The #1 was to place in the top layer and the little birdie (part of the invitation, not shown above, sorry!) was to place wherever they wanted to on the cake.. or just to give to sweet O’ Baby.


I loved the polka dot embellishment on the invite… so I knew I had to incorporate it somewhere. I just added dots around the edge with the left over icing I used on the cookies.

Speaking of the cookies… wanna see how easy they were?


Just roll out your cookie dough and then make (roughly) one inch strips. I then just used my spatula and made diagonal cuts to create the flags.



Just ice and let dry! After they had been left out about 24 hours I attached them to the cake with some of the buttercream icing I made.


Hope Allison and family enjoyed their cake… I know I certainly enjoyed making it!


One more thing…

I am so excited to tell you about something I am participating in this year! (I think you can see my contribution starting on Wednesday, July 21st…just click here.)


Some sweet ladies ( A Southern Fairytale, According to Kelly, and Skip to My Lou) decided to put together a fun, festive, blog carnival.

Its genius really… Christmas in July!

I am always so behind in my crafts and gifts and baking that time of year… why not get some done right now? The links that these creative girls have assembled for you is quite amazing… and be sure to check out the list of blogs participating. Some huge names in the blogging world. (I cant believe they let me play!)

I am totally bookmarking pages for ideas… my friend sand family are going to be getting some pretty cool gifts this year!

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  • Sweet B says:

    You never cease to amaze me! And I LOVE putting iced sugar cookies on cakes!!

  • Margo says:

    I just saw your no bake petit fours over at a southern fairy tale – too too too cute! This is gonna become a family favorite, I can tell! And I’ll be happy cuz I can dream up new ways to use this idea each year and keep my creativity going.

  • grace says:

    intricate yet still perfectly-done, as usual. bravo, amanda!

  • Amy says:

    What an awesome cake, as always!
    I left you some comment love over on southern fairy tale – AMAZING JOB!!

  • AllisonO of O My Family says:

    I love this comment: “I’d give my left big toe if you could make my little girls’ first birthday cake.”
    Thank you for allowing me to keep all of my appendages. 🙂

  • Jen @ My Kitchen Addiction says:

    This cake is absolutely stunning! Love all of the perfectly iced cookies.

  • Heather says:

    *sigh* love. this. cake. Super cute!

  • Barbara says:

    That cake is adorable and what fun to take part in
    Christmas in July!
    I’m going to check out all the links right now!

  • Kathia Castro says:

    Amanda, I love this cake. It is very original and unique, details and colors are great.
    Have a great weekend.

  • via says:

    breakfast truly is the best. It may be crazy, but as much as I adore all things bready and eggy, I also really love leftover pahd thai for breakfast!

  • Yvette says:

    How do you get your cake so smooth?? ANY TIPS? 🙂

  • party bags says:

    Exemplary creative! That cake is adorable! Its simple and perfectly done.

  • Sybil_chan says:

    Your cakes are fantastic!!
    Can you tell me how does your ice look like glass? How do you do that?? Amazing!

  • Stuart Rubenstein says:

    Your talent for baking is off the charts!! I hope you keep posting such great recipes for the public to see.

  • julie says:

    Hi there, Beautiful cake!!! It’s part of my inspiration for my daughters first birthday party. Did you use buttercream to ice the little bunting flags? I know you mentioned you used buttercream to attach them to the cake. Love this!! Can’t wait to try and make it:)).

  • julie says:

    { Also, Just curious if you share what icing recipe you used for this cake..; }

  • julie says:

    hi, sorry to write again, just wanted to let you know, I did some more homework (looking at other recipes) and may have found my answers:). Thanks for a wonderful and helpful website.

  • Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar says:

    What an awesome cake! I wish I had of got that for my son’s first birthday.

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