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    Quite a few months ago I had a post on my facebook page about running out of Bakers Spray.  Lots of smart and seasoned bakers chimed in, and almost half of them suggested this weird thing called GOOP.

    "Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release. Cheap, Easy and Effective! You must try this recipe!

    I was Weary.  Anxious.  Apprehensive.  And that was just because I was watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Man last season was stressful! Any Theresa fans?

    But on to GOOP.


    I tried it.  I loved it.  Its cheap.  Its easy.  It works.

    "Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release. Cheap, Easy and Effective! You must try this recipe!


    The recipe is beyond simple:  take equal parts flour, a vegetable oil, and shortening.  Blend them together.

    Thats it!

    "Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release. Cheap, Easy and Effective! You must try this recipe!


    To use your ‘goop’, simply grab a pastry brush and spread a generous amount around your cake pan.  I re-loaded my brush about 3-4 times for one 8 in cake pan.  One thing that I am conscious of is the sides, I do not go all the way up the sides.  Try to only put the goop up as high as the batter would be. (about an inch)

    If I use it all the way up the sides it tends to coat the cake around the edges as it bakes.  Not a problem per say, just a preference on my part. 🙂

    "Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release. Cheap, Easy and Effective! You must try this recipe!

    Homemade Pan Release {Baking Spray}


        • 1 c flour
        • 1 c shortening
        • 1 c oil (I used canola)


        1. Place all ingredients in medium bowl and whisk well by hand. The mixture will be smooth and creamy.
        2. Store in airtight container in refrigerator.
        3. When ready to use:
        4. Dip a pastry brush into mixture and spread over bottom and sides of cake pan.

        "Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release. Cheap, Easy and Effective! You must try this recipe!

        Tips for success:

        I have used this with success on all types of cake batter, thick and thin.  However, some people suggest using more ‘goop’ with chocolate cakes and runny batter.

        I whisk my ingredients by hand, but you can certainly use a mixer.  If you use a mixer the ingredients will still be creamy, but will be slightly fluffier right away.

        For the most part I do not allow the cakes to cool to room temperature in the pan, I try to remove them from oven and then invert them to a cooling rack.  In my experience, when the cakes were allowed to completely cool to room temperature in the pan they did not release as well.

        Be generous with the goop.

        Store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.  When I left mine on the counter for an extended period of time it seemed to separate faster.  If you find the mixture separated at all, simply re-mix.

        You can easily halve or even quarter this recipe.  I used the above recipe in about 5 months.  (I bake a lot.)

        "Goop" ~ Homemade Pan Release. Cheap, Easy and Effective! You must try this recipe!

        This is one of my most requested “recipes” because it truly works. Once you try it you will be hooked!

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        I can’t wait to tell my husband about the goop. I know he will try it today. Save $$. I hate the spray. It’s messy & is everywhere & you’re breathing it into your lungs.

        As a professional cakes decorator and teacher for over 25 years (retired mow for almost 20 years), this was on the list of recipes I handed out to every class. Works like a charm and I wouldn’t be without it. Just a note – I have always kept it well in a cool cupboard without refrigeration.

        I like most of your easy recipes. Thank you.😍

        How long does it last and the refrigerator

        This is ideal especially for bunds pans and tube pans! I’ve always hand greased my bunds pan because my cakes seem to tear up if I use cooking spray in them I seem to always miss a spot with the spray. Brushing this mixture on would do the trick without the mess. Thanks for this post.

        What type of flour did you use in the goop?

        Can I use unsalted butter in place of the shortening? I think it’ll give a better appearance, and maybe a little flavor.

        I love all the recipies of yours that I have made and all of them were cakes! I have a huge sweet tooth. I’ve really just started baking. I want to know what are the best tools to be using? I have a kitchen aid stand mixer and some pans but am finding that the spring form pans stuck as cake pans. Do you have any recommendations for a frugal person. I cannot thank you enough for all your post!!! I’m a huge fan and my husband and our friends love the treats their waist line not so much but oh well

        I am inquisitive re: the sugar not included in the recipe.

        Goop sounds great. I am anxious to try it. But one thing, have you ever seen canola growing anywhere? It doesn’t. It’s another name for rapeseed oil. Very bad!!! Use something healthy instead.

          What would you suggest?

            Just butter your pans and dust with flour if needed. Knock out excess once its coated. Easy. No crap in your pans, like a seed oil (the canola) or supermarket lard (pastured lard is great instead of butter).

            Would coconut oil work?

              I use coconut oil for this release goop. Works great!

          Would avocado oil work? I don’t like canola oil either. Truthfully, since most oils are processed they are not good. I keep avocado and olive oil in the house. And coconut oil.

          Actually, canola is a grain. It is grown in western Nebraska, and I’m sure many other places as well! It is tiny slippery round little grains that look like little beads. It’s a very interesting crop!

        I love it..always had a problem getting cakes out..thanks 4 sharing

        Great idea for new bakers thank u mam

        What would you suggest?

        Could coconut oil be used instead of shortening? I have allergy kids and can’t use shortening.

        I am going try the recipe. How long will it last? Does it need refrigeration?

        Je demeure au Québec et j’aimerais savoir ces quoi le raccourcissement dans la recette ( découpage de pan fait maison ).

        You panrelease is spot on. Thank you for sharing

        THANK YOU!!! I am a very inexperienced baker and I have tried all sorts of methods to get my cakes out of the pans. I am 100% using this recipe!

        By the way, I really love your recipes and videos. You make me look good! I used your brownie cake recipe on Fourth of July and that cake was a HUGE HIT!

        THANK YOU!

        Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes and not forgetting the amazing tips!!

        How long will this keep in the fridge? Can it go bad/ rancid?

        All the cakes you have shown are pretty and look so good

        Any type of shortening is okay? They don’t sell it in the containers now, like they did a decade ago.
        Thank you!

        I recently used your goop on a metal pan while preparing a crustless quiche. It worked like a charm.

        Don't Pass on Dessert!