How To Package and Ship Cookies

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How to Pack up Cookies for Mailing! Find out how to PROS do it!

One question I get asked all the time is, “How do you ship cookies?”

Most of the time I answer, “Very carefully!”

Oddly, people fail to see the humor in that.

But I think I am ready to share with you how I ship cookies, most of the time.

This works for me because I often do round or square cookies. If you are baking cookies with small apendages or delicate arms and legs, I highly recommend using Bridgets method.

The reason I use this particular format is this;

Once upon a time Brides Magazine emailed and asked if I would ship them some facebook cookies for their magazine.

Um, yes. Yes I will.

When I walked into UPS carrying the precious cookie cargo, I explained in great (and annoying) detail how each and every cookie must arrive in mint condition and there was no room for error.

This is what they (the professionals) did. (interpreted by me)

Supplies I use. (Not pictured: packing popcorn. My sweet post office guy always gives me some.)


First I started out by wrapping each cookie in parchment paper. I them placed it in their own bag. I often double up the cookies to save room and matericals.

To double up just place cookies back to back and wrap parchment around.


In the image above the front cookie is not packaged correctly.

The cookie in the package behind IS packed correctly, as it is wrapped in parchment.

If you are sending a cookie that does not have glaze on it you may be able to skip this step.

(I have found that the glaze icing I use can end up sticking to the bags if I do not use the parchment around them.)


They (the professionals) wrapped each cookie package in bubble wrap. So I wrap each cookie in bubble wrap.

They (the professionals) filled up a bigger then you would think you would need box with packing popcorn.

They (the professionals) placed the cookies in the box sporadically, filling in between with more popcorn.

They (the professionals) closed the box and sent me on my way trying to not laugh in my face for being so freaked out about cookies.



This cookies was for a science themed party for sweet Nicholas who is turning two. The invite said, “Our Little Monster is turning two.” Ha! Love that.

I think that about covers it! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them on this post, and I will go ahead and answer them right here. 🙂

I use this BEST SUGAR COOKIE recipe.  Once you try it you will be hooked!

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  • Rae says:

    Any tips on shipping a giant cookie? I want to send one to my college son for his birthday. I’m thinking of using a pizza box but not sure how to keep the decorated frosting from getting messed up.

  • Sheryd Jackson says:

    Thank you for this information. I made poppyseed cookies (munn kichels) for my holy days and wanted to send some to my sister in FL. I used a take away container from a restaurant, lined it with waxed paper, “skinny pop” popcorn, then the cookies and more popcorn to fill the container. Nothing moves when I shake it. I’m going to the post office to box it and send it. Fingers crossed, they’ll arrive intact!
    I watch your videos when they pop up on my email, and I love how easy you make everything seem. Thanks again for all of your tips.

  • Iliana Davalos says:

    Hello! Im making sugar cookies for my daughters birthday with icing, but when i wrap them in bags they stick to the plastic bag, is there anything i can do to avoid this? Or am i doing something wrong?

    • Amanda says:

      Make sure the cookies are completely cool and dry. You can wrap each cookie in parchment to avoid sticking.

  • Karen says:

    I am making iced cookies and need to take them on a plane…your suggestions for parking them please

  • Marenda Biyce says:

    Thank you parchment and individual bags. I am not shipping but putting in cookie tins to gift my employees. And sense I have 12 dozen (your glazed and iced) recipe. This info was very helpful.

  • Molly F Freibott says:

    Thank you! I am ready to ship for Christmas! I am a new Cookie Fanatic and I’ll let you know how the shipping goes!

  • Earlene Merrill says:

    thank you — i’m looking forward to trying your glaze icing.

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