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    Just in case anyone wanted to make their own Hydrangea Cake, here a a couple quick tips to make it easier for you!

    First, I baked my cake. I just did a regular white cake with the lemon curd filling and lemon frosting. (Seriously delish.. and perfect for spring or Mothers Day!)

    I used 8in pans then carved around the edges to make my ‘bouquet’ shape.

    You can also bake cake in round pyrex bowl or basketball cake pan or something round.



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    I then covered the cake in buttercream frosting and chilled it in the fridge.

    For the flowers, I used the rest of my buttercream, making sure the consistency was on the thicker side. Pick the colors that you prefer, and create three of four variations for your petals.


    Using a #104 tip with the small edge out, I just piped out four petals to each flower.

    I think the actual hydrangea petals are a bit more flat, so if you can master the tip you can create a more realistic looking petal!

    (This was my first time trying this flower… I am hoping to improve more for next time… I also want to make this cake in white and pale pink… can’t you just see it???)


    I started with one color in one section then made a bunch of flowers overlapping each other again and again.

    Then went back in with another color and started adding more flowers. Anytime I saw a flower that I didn’t think was good enough I just added a new one on top of it!


    This is a really forgiving and easy technique… you really can’t go wrong!

    And when you are all done, you get this…


    Hope you will try it.

    And be sure to leave a link and let me know if you did!



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    Perfect!!!! Great job!

    Beautiful. You make it look so easy.

    Oh, wow. I loved this the other day, but I super love it now! You make it look so easy! Thank you. 🙂

    WOW! That looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

    This doesn’t look as hard as I originally thought. Maybe I will get some guts and give it a try. So pretty.

    Wonderful tutorial, Amanda! Now I need to get that tip. Or 3 of them!

    Wonderful tutorial, Amanda! Now I need to get that tip. Or 3 of them!

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your process!

    Could you make it look anymore easier. So So talented!! I know for FACT that if I attempted to make this amazing cake, I would end up with something that is so entirely different it would be considered for Cake Wrecks!!

    I’m so glad you put up the tutorial. I will try to make it even though I’m not great at frosting cakes. Your so talented! I wish I was you!

    Thank you, Amanda, for the tutorial. I can’t believe you found time to get it done so quickly.

    this is why you are my favorite baker! can’t wait to try it!

    Every. Single. Time…You – AMAZE!!! Me!
    I can barely bake my way out of a wet paper bag – but you inspire me to try!

    I’m loving this cake. So need to make it! Well well done. So so feminine and girly.

    Thanks for sharing your technique!

    This may be a really stupid question, but can you literally bake a cake in a bowl and it will turn out the same as baking it in a round cake pan?

      I experimented and used a thin stainless steel bowl to bake in. The cake will brown quite a bit more (at least in my experience). I had to trim down the cake, because it domed quite a bit in the baking, and I lowered the oven temp to 325, but it worked. HTH.

    I haven’t tried flowers since back in my Wilton class days. This is on my list for the next celebration we have!! So pretty and I love that the undercoat doesn’t have to be perfect!

    This cake is so pretty! Yet another one that I will have to try!!

    gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. I moved back to MIchigan after living in NC for 9 years and although I’m not a southern girl, I did LOVE the springs so when I looked at the house in Michigan with a beautiful purple hydrangea out front- you see I didn’t know you could even grow them in MI- I joked that this is why I bought the the house but it may have been more true than not. I wanted hydrangeas as my wedding flowers but had to get married in July (husband was heading to NC to fly the F-15E – the jet that crashed in Lybia yesterday) and we had like 2 weeks off between military gigs and you just don’t request more time off when you are heading to a military training. I
    ‘m thrilled you made the cake, put it up and gave us a tutorial. Merci’

    Gorgeous, as always. The shape of the cake really sets it apart and makes it pop. You have the best ideas 🙂

    can’t i just come over? in exchange for an on site tutorial, I will take care of the new yummy peson that is about to enter your life and you and your husband can have a night off?

    I am in awe of your abilities! I just love coming to your blog to be inspired.

    Beautiful. You make it look so easy.

    This doesn’t look as hard as I originally thought. Maybe I will get some guts and give it a try. So pretty.

    Wonderful tutorial, Amanda! Now I need to get that tip. Or 3 of them!

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