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    Just in case anyone wanted to make their own Hydrangea Cake, here a a couple quick tips to make it easier for you!

    First, I baked my cake. I just did a regular white cake with the lemon curd filling and lemon frosting. (Seriously delish.. and perfect for spring or Mothers Day!)

    I used 8in pans then carved around the edges to make my ‘bouquet’ shape.

    You can also bake cake in round pyrex bowl or basketball cake pan or something round.



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    I then covered the cake in buttercream frosting and chilled it in the fridge.

    For the flowers, I used the rest of my buttercream, making sure the consistency was on the thicker side. Pick the colors that you prefer, and create three of four variations for your petals.


    Using a #104 tip with the small edge out, I just piped out four petals to each flower.

    I think the actual hydrangea petals are a bit more flat, so if you can master the tip you can create a more realistic looking petal!

    (This was my first time trying this flower… I am hoping to improve more for next time… I also want to make this cake in white and pale pink… can’t you just see it???)


    I started with one color in one section then made a bunch of flowers overlapping each other again and again.

    Then went back in with another color and started adding more flowers. Anytime I saw a flower that I didn’t think was good enough I just added a new one on top of it!


    This is a really forgiving and easy technique… you really can’t go wrong!

    And when you are all done, you get this…


    Hope you will try it.

    And be sure to leave a link and let me know if you did!



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    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your process!


    I love this! And your rose cake tutorial which I have used. I want to try this with cupcakes, maybe turn them upside down and decorate the outside of them. Can’t wait!

    What are you doing to me woman!! I want to make the first flower inspired cake… and have finally found a reason to make it…. and now you give us this temptation!! is it really sad to make your own Mother Day cake? my mum lives in Australia… and I just dont think customs would let it through… they will have eaten it instead!!!

    This cake is absolutely beatiful. I liked it sooo much I shared it on my blog for my weekly “What I’m liking a Latte” http://alattewithotta.blogspot.com/2011/03/what-im-liking-latte-this-week.html
    Thanks for the tutorial. It gives a cake icer like me (with two left hands) hope that I could give this a try.

    This may not be the most difficult-to-make cake you’ve shared, but out of all your amazing creations, this one is my very favourite 🙂 Blue hydrangeas are my absolute most favourite flower, and the way you’ve recreated hydrangeas with icing is just amazing 🙂 LOVE IT!

    Great job on the Cake Amanda! Will definitely try this one out.
    I did give you my info for the cookie donations. If you still need help especially for Bakerella just let me know!
    [email protected]

    I am planning a Mother’s Day Garden/Tea Party for my friends…think I just found my theme…hydrangeas!! Love your site a ton! I will email you when I attempt this…intersted in helping Bakerella…will email you

    Thank you for sharing how you made those perfect petals! Off to search through my drawer of tips…. 🙂

    I’m hoping to decorate my mom’s birthday cake this way but I’m still not really understanding how you made the petals. Is each petal a little ruffle? And you make 4 little ruffles for one flower? My roommate and I made your ruffle Christmas tree cake and the ruffles for that were super easy. Thanks!

    I haven’t tried flowers since back in my Wilton class days. This is on my list for the next celebration we have!! So pretty and I love that the undercoat doesn’t have to be perfect!

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

    This is one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen!!! Love it!

    Well, I could try. But it sure isn’t going to look like this!!

    This cake is so elegant looking and would be perfect for dessert after a tea party. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Thank you Amanda for posting this tutorial! I’m absolutely in love with your cake and can’t wait to try and make it for my Mum for her birthday and/or Mothers day (her birthday is May 2nd, and Mothers day is the 2nd Sunday in May in Australia – is it the same elsewhere?) <3

    Another gorgeous cake! I’m definitely swooning. 🙂

    Oh my goodness, that cake is so cool! I love it for mother’s day…hmmm, wonder if I could do it…

    Oh, this is gorgeous. Hydrangeas always remind me of my dear Nan, who passed away two years ago. This would be perfect for Mothers Day to remember her. S x

    This may not be the most difficult-to-make cake you’ve shared, but out of all your amazing creations, this one is my very favourite 🙂 Blue hydrangeas are my absolute most favourite flower, and the way you’ve recreated hydrangeas with icing is just amazing 🙂 LOVE IT!

    Just gorgeous Amanda!! You inspire me to try all these fun things!!

    Your hydrangea cake is positively GORGEOUS!

    You ooze talent girl!
    And you make it look so easy! I am super grateful you do tutorials!

    So very, very lovely. I heart this cake.

    Breathtakingly gorgeous!

    Don't Pass on Dessert!