Make Me Look Like Her Please

filed under: Miscellaneous on February 20, 2010

Representing the deranged housewife that I am, I brought a picture of a lovely starlet into the hair salon and fully expected that not only would my hair be transformed, but my body and face as well.

In my mind, this is a fully realistic expectation.  I mean, I have seen all those makeover shows… these are trained professionals people

These educated and equipped  technicians have skill sets and maneuvers that can transform even the ugliest of ducklings. (i.e. me)

I wanted to get my hair styled.  Just some big loose curls. 

Kinda like these beautiful ringlets on Jessica Lauren Conrad.

I love how it looks like she rolled out of bed this gorgeous. 

How the curls look natural, how you get the slight impression that if a sudden wind were to pop up her glorious locks would start flowing through in wind like wildflowers and birds would start singing.


So I brought my totally raw (no product, no blow drying, no nothing) hair into the salon and gave the delightful 19 year old stylist my picture and said, "Work your magic!  Oh, and can you do something with my bangs?  I know none of the girls wearing this style have bangs… can we figure something out?"

"Sure!"  She exclaimed with the excitement of a girl getting her first barbie.

Whom, I might add, after about five minutes of light conversation informed me that pedicures were her specialty. 





Hello helmet head.

I kid you not, I could not move my hair.  It was so teased and so stiff and flat and lifeless that it looked like a wig.  Not to mention that the very bottom, or the ends, totally lost their curl about seven seconds after I walked out of the salon.

And talk about a bang transformation.

I have the worst luck when it comes to getting what I want at salons.  Am I the only one?  I feel like everywhere I look women have fantastic hair! (Like Kate, um hello perfect style, shape, color, texture!)

So, I think for my next appearance I will stick to what I know.

My flatiron.  You cant go wrong with stick straight blah right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • Margaret says:

    If you ever find the professional who can do a 3 in 1, please post the name and location! I need somebody like that!
    BTW, I thought both pics were great.

  • Jamie @ Six Bricks High says:

    I think you are beautiful! And your hair looks great too. I’m always disappointed when I leave the salon…never looks like the picture.

  • mrs. b. says:

    you look perfectly adorable to me, mama! before *and* after. besides, lauren is totally over-rated. that’s what i tell myself anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • tracie says:

    You really are beautiful!
    I got lucky and found a woman at Great Clips that I have been going to for about 5 years. I am cheap, though..I can’t see paying a ton of money for a haircut.
    I think it may be my age…but I just don’t “get” flat irons. My daughter thinks I am crazy, of course.

  • Londa says:

    Oh, I think you’re beautiful!
    Hair is just frustrating sometimes! You have beautiful long hair…curly or straight! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Naomi says:

    Great necklace! :). Oh, was there hair in the picture too? I only ever look at the jewelry.

  • Nicole says:

    I don’t think your finished hair looks that bad! It’s cute. We suffer from a surfeit of hair colleges, so we get $5 haircuts by students. Even if we hate it, we only spent a little on it.
    I don’t have bangs, so I just spray some hairspray on my brush and brush through the hair on the sides of my face, slightly twisting it outwards. It’s about all I have time for.
    Do flat irons really work? I keep hearing such conflicting information about them.

  • Mama M. says:

    Wow…I mean, gosh.
    The trasformation in your bangs…why, it’s…it’s…so unreal! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    You totally crack me up, ‘cuz I really think your hair is cute! But, I hear ya, I hate leaving the salon with hair with that would stand up to gale force winds!
    Kate…she’s just got all the luck with that gorgeous hair of hers!!

  • Janet Hanson says:

    Okay, this has nothing to do with your haircut, I just can’t find where to contact you about something else…have you seen|main|dl7|link5| ? I sure hope that link works. I just woke up and saw this on my aol home page, wow…the traffic to your site is going to pick up I expect! Buckle up girl! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Jenn says:

    I think you looked very pretty in the first pic! Natural is beautiful!! =)
    Just Jenn

  • Karen@SurvivingMotherhood says:

    Ahhh, I love my Clayton!!!
    We used to be neighbors – lived across the street from each other. He went through my surgery with me, assured me that I could do short hair, and helped me find a style that suited me.
    Now I live in the next town over from him, but I still drive to his house to get my hair done. Won’t let anyone else touch me! *grin*

  • Alisa says:

    I too, know the pain of uncooperative hair. To be honest, I have completely given up and cut my hair maybe 2x a year. Mine is flat and no amount of product will ever make it not so. We should form a club! If it helps, I think your hair is really cute anyway.

  • Lindsay says:

    a) you are beautiful, with or without those lovely bouncing curls…that I secretly want for my own, too.
    2) you crack me up bringing your camera to the salon – LOL!
    d)I think us women should just all shave our heads. Do you know how much time we’d save in the morning? You first.

  • Karin says:

    LOL Amanda. I think your hair looks nice ๐Ÿ™‚ That said, you have to be somewhat realistic when you go to a salon. I cringed when I saw the picture of LC…not because you wouldn’t look great with that hair, but because you have short bangs. I bet if you had brought a more realistic, for your hair type, picture in you would have been thrilled with the results ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stephanie says:

    I randomly came across your blog and laughed out loud at this post. You have an awesome writing style and I’ll definitely be back! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh, and my hair always does it’s own thing… but I’ve totally been there with the “transform me!” and then thinking, “what?!” ๐Ÿ™‚ You look good!

  • ali says:

    Oh, hair… that’s precisely why my hair is most often up…
    And you’re adorable, so don’t sweat it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Samantha @ Mama Notes says:

    I really think its cute!!
    I TOTALLY know what you mean. I can NEVER get what I want with my hair. So frustrating.

  • Jessica says:

    Hahaha oh girl, you are way too sweet! I’d love to look like Lauren Conrad!! I refuse to let my hairdresser use hairspray on me. I can never move my hair after either!

  • Kim says:

    That is the perfect example of why I let my hair grow! LOL! I’ve gone down the, make me look like this road, only to be disappointed time and time again. I love that you posted before and after picks. That was a hoot!
    I say, stay with what you know! LOL!

  • Vicky says:

    So funny! So true! I pretty much stick to the same style with variations in bangs and length on occasion… then every few years it comes back in style and since I never gave it up… ha ha, I’m the first to have it!

  • julia says:

    you look great, but yes, she didn’t do much with the bangs, did she? i’m like you, i can never get what i want at a salon. and whatever they do THAT day, i can never replicate. but this time, i went a little longer than shoulder length, and got sweeping bangs, so they are a little longer… makes ALL the difference!!!

  • Amanda Jo says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding! I think your hairstyle is GORGEOUS! Helmet head, on the other hand isn’t so fun…
    Still though, you looked great in the new style!

  • Karen Greer says:

    Try using a straightening iron to curl your hair like Lauren Conrad’s! I’ve been doing it for years. Just clip your hair into sections, take a lock of your hair in the iron (make sure you point the tip of the iron downwards) and twist away from your face. Here’s a picture of my hair (after sleeping on it!).
    I’ve taught this little technique to friends that have pretty much no wave in their hair and they love it! It took a little practice at first but now I can do it on my dry hair in about 15 min. The nice thing about the straightening iron is it holds to curl much longer than a curling iron. Sometimes I use a little flexible hold hairspray, sometimes I let it fall naturally. Try it!

  • ElizaBeth says:

    I so feel your pain!! I’m STILL 3 months later- and need about 9 more- growing out a perfectly horrid hair cut. You see I have naturally frizzy hair. It has to be cut just so or it looks like my finger got wedged in the light socket. AND never, ever, ever can it be cut into a “point in the back” Which I thought I’d made perfectly clear to the person that did this awful thing to me. SO now that she took 4 inches off my hair- I only request no more than 2-I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do with poorly cut layers that look all wonky and a weird “duck tail” curl in the back!

  • m3 ds says:

    Hey I like your make over very much as you look better in new hair style with curls.In curls you look beautiful and I think that you should keep this hairstyle.Thanks..