Representing the deranged housewife that I am, I brought a picture of a lovely starlet into the hair salon and fully expected that not only would my hair be transformed, but my body and face as well.

In my mind, this is a fully realistic expectation.  I mean, I have seen all those makeover shows… these are trained professionals people

These educated and equipped  technicians have skill sets and maneuvers that can transform even the ugliest of ducklings. (i.e. me)

I wanted to get my hair styled.  Just some big loose curls. 

Kinda like these beautiful ringlets on Jessica Lauren Conrad.

I love how it looks like she rolled out of bed this gorgeous. 

How the curls look natural, how you get the slight impression that if a sudden wind were to pop up her glorious locks would start flowing through in wind like wildflowers and birds would start singing.


So I brought my totally raw (no product, no blow drying, no nothing) hair into the salon and gave the delightful 19 year old stylist my picture and said, "Work your magic!  Oh, and can you do something with my bangs?  I know none of the girls wearing this style have bangs… can we figure something out?"

"Sure!"  She exclaimed with the excitement of a girl getting her first barbie.

Whom, I might add, after about five minutes of light conversation informed me that pedicures were her specialty. 





Hello helmet head.

I kid you not, I could not move my hair.  It was so teased and so stiff and flat and lifeless that it looked like a wig.  Not to mention that the very bottom, or the ends, totally lost their curl about seven seconds after I walked out of the salon.

And talk about a bang transformation.

I have the worst luck when it comes to getting what I want at salons.  Am I the only one?  I feel like everywhere I look women have fantastic hair! (Like Kate, um hello perfect style, shape, color, texture!)

So, I think for my next appearance I will stick to what I know.

My flatiron.  You cant go wrong with stick straight blah right? 🙂

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Reader Comments

  1. Well I for one think you look fine…but I understand wanting something and not getting it at the salon. Probably why my hair went a YEAR (talk about your split ends) without a cut. Yeah. That is tough to admit. Even when I went in I just got a trim (which in the end barely touched the split ends. UGH).
    At this point I guess I could care less about my hair, but I am trying desperatly to figure out what to do with Monkey Man’s!

  2. Well I have stick straight hair that I do nothing to because, well… I’m kinda lazy like that. BUT the few times I have tried to curl it or anything else, my hair didn’t like it much and decided it would have its way and be straight again. So I don’t even try, why fight a losing battle?
    But YOUR hair did look kinda cute like that!

  3. Aww I think you look great – but I know what you mean, I can NEVER get the look I want when I go into/come out of the salon. Frustrating!

  4. Both before and after are beautiful! I too want to look like Lauren Conrad. I have been trying to grow my hair out after my incident at the salon trying to get the “Kate” hair. I think you just need to play with what you have to get what you want rather than trying to look like someone else. It never works anyway! You look great!

  5. If you ever find the professional who can do a 3 in 1, please post the name and location! I need somebody like that!
    BTW, I thought both pics were great.

  6. I think you are beautiful! And your hair looks great too. I’m always disappointed when I leave the salon…never looks like the picture.

  7. you look perfectly adorable to me, mama! before *and* after. besides, lauren is totally over-rated. that’s what i tell myself anyway. 😉

  8. You really are beautiful!
    I got lucky and found a woman at Great Clips that I have been going to for about 5 years. I am cheap, though..I can’t see paying a ton of money for a haircut.
    I think it may be my age…but I just don’t “get” flat irons. My daughter thinks I am crazy, of course.

  9. Oh, I think you’re beautiful!
    Hair is just frustrating sometimes! You have beautiful long hair…curly or straight! 🙂

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