Monster Cake with Monster Cookies

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If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw these cute little Monster Cookies I shared last week.  Since they ended up turning out pretty well, I decided to cake-i-fy them!  Thats totally a word by the way.

Monster Cookies {Full Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #buttercream


So I whipped up a the Perfect White Cake and threw some cookies on top.  Voila!  Monster Cake.

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #cake


Just in case you wanted to make some Monster Cookies, here is a tutorial!

To make six cookie sandwiches you will need:

One dozen cookies of your choice.  (I love this recipe for the Chocolate Cookies, just substitute Reese’s Pieces for the white chocolate)

1 recipe buttercream

Red, orange, brown*, blue and green food coloring

Halloween Sprinkles**

1M, #230, #4B and a 9PT tip. (the 9PT is a large open circle, you can also just cut 3 inches off a plastic pastry bag to get the same effect)

*You can also use chocolate buttercream

**If you dont have Halloween Sprinkles you can use black food coloring

I will demonstrate on the orange cookie.  For the chocolate cookie I used chocolate as a base and added a little red at the front.  (Too much red buttercream gets bitter to me)

Make buttercream.  Divide batter equally into six bowls.  Tint one red, one orange, one brown, one blue, one green and leave the last bowl white.  I use Ateco gel paste food coloring.

How to Make Halloween Inspired Monster Cookies #cookies #iambaker

1.  Put a 9PT tip (large open circle) into plastic disposable pastry bag and fill with orange frosting.  I have shown it above with no tip; I simply cut off about 3 inches from the top of the bag.

2. Pipe out a base of frosting onto cookie.  You will want it to be higher on one side so that the cookie will rest at an angle, just like an open mouth.

3. Set cookie on top.

Tutorial on How to Make Monster Cookies #halloween #cookies #buttercream #iambaker

4.  Using a coupler set and a #230 tip, fill up bag with white frosting.  Place the tip of the frosting bag to the point where the orange frosting and the cookie meet, then apply pressure.  While still applying pressure start pulling tip back then quickly pull and release all pressure.  Do this around upper cookie and on lower cookie.

Tutorial on How to Make Monster Cookies #halloween #cookies #buttercream #iambaker

5.  Fill the bag fitted with a 1M tip (you can also use a 4B tip, I have done that in orange on some of the cookies) with brown frosting.  Starting towards the back of the cookie, apply pressure and build a small mound of frosting; then quickly pull tip down.  Do this twice, as these are the monsters eye brows.

6.  Pick up your bag with the #230 tip and white frosting and apply pressure at the base of the chocolate.   Hold your tip steady and just keep applying pressure.  Release pressure when you have a satisfactory amount of frosting for the eye ball.

7.  Place green frosting in a plastic disposable pastry bag and but off a very small tip, say 1/2 inch.  Repeat with blue frosting. (You now have two bags of frosting.)  Choose which color you want to use for the eyes (I sometimes used both) and place a small dab in the center of the white frosting.

8.  Pick up black Halloween Sprinkles and place in the center of the green (or blue) dot.  Press slightly.


Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #cake

For the Monster Cake I just added four completed Monster Cookies to the top.  I also snuck in some coordinating colors to the inside of the cake.  Just for fun. 🙂

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #cake


Since it was necessary to remove the cookie prior to cutting a slice, I decided to go back in and add some details to the slice before I served it.  Repeating the steps above, add eyebrows and eyes to the back of the slice.

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial}

 How fun is that?!?

These cookies are a mouthful.  Ha, ha get it?  There is a lot of buttercream and two full sized cookies, so feel free to make mini versions!

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #cake


I had so much fun with them!  You really can’t go wrong when decorating.  If you look closely above I even made one of them a vampire!

And I just had to show you what happens when you drop one on the ground…

Monster Cake with Monster Cookies {Cookie Decorating Tutorial} #halloween #cookies #cake

That kills me.

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  • tanya says:

    I love how you “whipped up” a perfect white cake and added these cookies! This would’ve taken me days! But it would’ve been worth it, this is so fun!

    • Amanda says:

      lol You are so funny Tanya. Thanks! And hope your day is blessed!

  • Martha Tompoulidou says:

    What a pretty creation! Well done!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Martha!

  • nicole says:

    My husband saw a whoopie pie pan at the store the other day and his reaction was: “We should get it so you can make those monsters you saw on instagram the other day ” when I told him they were just cookies and not cake he got even more excited. The monsters are just too cute.

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks! I love that your hubby is so excited about them.. that is adorable!

  • Katy says:

    Awesome! I think I’ll make these for a kids’ Halloween party this week — I am in charge of bringing the dessert and these would be perfect (and not too difficult or time-consuming during a week that is already VERY busy)! Thanks, as always, for a cute and creative idea.

    • Amanda says:

      Yay you!! You are going to be a Big Hit! 🙂

  • Dana C says:

    Too cute! Such good ideas!!!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks Dana! I have actually seen these around for a few years… I didnt create them or anything. Just finally decided to re-create them at home! 🙂

  • Beth @ bethcakes says:

    Omg, I can’t believe these! I think the chocolate ones with Reese’s Pieces are my favorite. Also I love the eyes and eyebrows on the slice of cake! Too funny. These cookies are so fun!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks so much Beth!!

  • HeatherChristo says:

    I AM DYING!!!! this is the cutest cake I have ever seen! I saw those cookies (on instagram?) over the weekend and freaked, but the fact that they are on a cake? forget it. Cutest ever.

    • Amanda says:

      You make me smile… I love seeing a note from you! 🙂

  • Pamela @ Brooklyn Farm Girl says:

    I love monsters and anything with a face so I’m in love with these cookies! Adorable! Pinning!

  • Jillian@TheHumbleGourmet says:

    Those are too, too cute. Now I have to have a child so I can have a children’s Halloween party so I can have these cookies…

  • Liz @ Virtually Homemade says:

    Those are absolutely adorable, and they don’t look TOO hard to make 🙂

  • Rachel @ Baked by Rachel says:

    Oh my!! So stinkin’ cute

  • Joy Ellis says:

    I think my daughters and I are going to try this! We love it! I think it is so cute!! 🙂

  • Marie says:

    I’m loving these! Kinda beats the heck out of my Halloween cupcakes…

  • Courtney @ Neighborfood says:

    Ah! These are SO adorable. I love the goofy/spooky teeth the best.

  • Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective says:

    What a fun cake, Amanda! Love it! 🙂

  • Shikha @ Shikha la mode says:

    That cake! Love this.

  • Jennifer says:

    These cookies look unreal!! So cute!!

  • Barbara @ Barbara Bakes says:

    So fun! Love that you thought they needed a cake to show them off.

  • Jenny says:

    Hi, really love yr sharing, just wish tt there is video attached as well. Keep up the amazing work you are doing!!