My Prop Closet

filed under: Surprise Inside Cakes on June 21, 2013

When we moved into our new home in June I had no idea where all my side plates and cutting boards and cake stands would go.  My dream would be that they are all out and accessible, but the reality was that many would have to be stored in boxes and in closets.

But then my amazing husband came up with the idea of utilizing a large closet just off the kitchen.

Empty Prop Closet (Before)


So he got out his tools and measured and shopped for supplies.  He was going to make my dreams come true!

Is that weird?  That I dream of prop closets?

Dont answer that.

(Before) Empty Prop Closet


And he built me shelves all the way up a 13 foot wall.  All.  The. Way. Up.

And I said, “Are you nuts?!?”

And he smirked.  And I thought to myself, “I am going to buy more cake stands.”

And he said, “Dont even think about buying more cake stands.”

Empty Prop Closet (Before)


He built them, and then he left for a week long fishing trip to Canada.

Trust me, he earned it.  Did I mention that wall is 13 feet high?

Do you want to know how I even get all the stands on the shelves?  Well, like pimpin’, it aint easy.  I used this handy dandy ladder which has now found a home in that closet. Prop Closet

here in color

iambaker prop closet

Surprisingly enough,  it turns out I did have enough cake stands to fill that whole wall.  Who knew? (my husband)

Not only did I have enough to fill that wall, I may even have to get rid of some of the stands to make my favorites fit.

***rocking back and forth in fetal position*** Prop Closet

here in color, a few more pieces added

iambaker prop closet

We are looking into CakeStandAddiction programs.

There arent any.

Off to the store! Prop Closet

here in color, a close up of the top shelves

iambaker prop closet

As any food blogger knows, you have to have backgrounds and side plates and silverware… so all that fun stuff has made its home here as well.  In our previous home everything was scattered throughout the house and garage and I never knew how much “stuff” had accumulated.

One time I went in there and just hung out.  I am considering getting a Keurig, a comfy chair, and a little shelf for my computer.  So I can spend all my working hours in a tiny little room full of stuff.

That wouldnt be weird right?

** You can see many of the cake stands in my new book, Surprise-Inside Cakes.  I purchased quite a few JUST for the book and never shared them on my blog!  Buy the book here!

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  • Willow @ Will Cook For Friends says:

    I NEED a closet like this in my life! Look at all that organization! Also, I didn’t even know there were that many different cake stands. I have never had good luck finding cake stands that are much of anything to look at (in fact, the last time I needed one I made it myself by gluing together a candle stick holder and a salad plate, then spray painting the whole thing). Is there a secret cake stand warehouse (besides your new closet) that I’m not aware of? If so, I need to go there!

    • Amanda says:

      I shop everywhere… Target, Home Goods, garage sales, thrift stores (high even places even, if there is a great sale!!). I am slightly obsessed with them, so they are always on my mind and I am always looking. 🙂

  • dezi says:

    Oh, this just cracks me up!!!! I read it to my husband when he got up this morning as I had just finished reading it myself. I identify with you so much……….as I have just as many. I have a room with bakers racks dedicated to them. I love each of them and use them all the time. They do not sit on my shelves!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you so much!!! <3

  • Norma Dillon says:

    Love your stacking ability to fit tham all in there! Looks like something I would do! I have a whole bedroom that I put all my caking supplies in and my husband keeps asking when I’m going to turn it back into a bedroom for guests to stay in. I still haven’t given him an answer…..

  • Alice says:

    Thank you for sharing . All of the stands are unique and lovely.

  • Jannett says:

    I looking at cake stands & all the possibilities but then I think what about the leftover cake & how am I going to cover it on the beautiful cake stand? What do you do?

  • susan says:

    I love your cake stand closet. I have one cake stand. it is milk glass green and was sold my Martha Stewart in her online shop prior to her being incarcerated. I loved that store. I am not sure of the name of the company who made the stand, but I also have a small two piece easter hen. I find this milk green glass goes with pretty well every colour of cake. I am very protective of it as so many people have coveted it!!!!

    • Amanda says:

      It sounds lovely!!

  • Hafsa says:

    Hi Amanda! I have stopped drooling over your collection so now I would like to say what a splendid job of organizing all those gems!
    It is always a pleasure reading your blog

  • Janey Smith says:

    I have always had a fascination with footed cake stands, as well as most things sparkly and shiny. I am feeling quite comfortable now with what I thought was too many, about 10. Thank you for that.

  • Jackie says:

    Love love love your blog!! Especially This article!! ☺️ 😎 I may have now identified, with your help of course, I could be a cake stand addict! 😳😳🙈😎😂
    And I thought all this time it was just ribbons! 😎😂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us x

  • Ruth says:

    Just…wow. I went 52 years of my life without realizing I needed a prop closet. I MUST have it! Not happy about it. 🙁

  • Betsy says:

    Love the photos of your ‘room’ It definitely needs a Keurig and a chair!
    Thanks for the rest of your posts as well!

  • Anne @ Pintesting says:

    THIS! I’m just a little bit jealous (but not in the bad way) of your most amazing closet. My handsome hubby is starting to look at all of the misc. staging purchases that I find and “can’t live without” or the prop that’s just perfect for that post. There is head shaking and audible eye rolling in our home, too. We’re looking into organization but nothing that compares to your magical closet. It looks like Narnia might be somewhere in there. <3

  • Kari says:

    Oh, oh, OH! That cake stand closet is THE absolute BOMB!

    I love it, I will study the pictures, both black AND white, and will envy it from afar while envisioning one of my very own…