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    Making things into roses is kinda my thing.  I have an Original Rose Cake, Neapolitan Rose Cookies and Red Velvet Rose Cookies.  I recently decided to re-vamp my Pumpkin & Brown Butter Sandwich Cookie’s and make them into rose cookies!

    Which is kinda weird, I admit.  I mean, the correlation between roses and pumpkins is not exactly obvious.

    Except here at iambaker! Then it’s like, da.

    Pumpkin Rose Sandwich Cookies with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting!


    I simply used my Homemade Spice Cake mix and added a can of store bought pumpkin puree.

    The cookies are basically the same as the Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Brown Butter Buttercream, only I made then a tad fancier.

    I’m so fancy.  You already know.

    Pumpkin Rose Sandwich Cookies with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting!

    Just kidding.  That’s a song that I heard once by accident.  Think it was made for the young kids to listen to.

    I am more of a worship music kinda gal.  And 80’s Hairbands, monster ballads and stuff.  Yup, I am weird.

    Pumpkin Rose Sandwich Cookies with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting!

    Ok, back to these beauties.

    Spice Cake Mix + 15 ounce can Pumpkin Puree + Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting =



    Pipe out the cookies onto a cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees F for about 14 minutes. Allow to cool. While cookies are cooling, prepare cream cheese frosting. Pipe (or spread) some cream cheese frosting between 2 cookies and serve. Best served within 24 hours.


    Pumpkin Rose Sandwich Cookies with Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting!

    To get the rose effect I placed (1/2 at a time) of the pumpkin cookie batter (it is thick) into a pastry bag with a Ateco 846 closed star tip. I then piped out rosettes onto a parchment lined baking sheet. These cookies do not spread, so whatever design you pipe out is what it will look like when done baking.

    Allow to cool and pipe out a dollop of frosting onto one cookie, place another cookie on top, then take a bite!  Er, I mean, set aside and make another. Although I did take a lotta bites. They are kinda irresistible.

    You can pair these with that fabulous Caramel Cream Cheese or feel free to use any fabulous cream cheese frosting recipe.  (Or the brown butter buttercream I have linked to above!)

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    SOS!!! Whatever could I have done wrong…I made a batch of these to bring to a get together tonight (I made the dry spice mix and packaged it along with cans of pumpkin (scrap book paper 🙂 for gifts for each of the ladies…
    Unlike a lot of commenters I wasn’t confused by your recipe or instructions.. I mixed the pumpkin and spice mix, piped it out.. Baked it longer than the time recommended because they didn’t look done. But they were still gummy.
    I knew it was going to be chewy, for those asking- what it’s like- it reminded me of a whoopie pie 🙂
    But after sitting and cooling they got sticky and gummier 🙁 like to the point I can’t give them to anyone. They’re gross!
    But now I’m totally freaking out about the dozen or so baking “gifts” I prepped!

    Any tips?!? (The ones you scooped and photographed look nice and brown, almost scone-like… How long did those bake for you?) does it mess the batter using a mixer? Should I hand mixed the batter…

    Thanks in advance!

      Hi Renee… I am so sorry! That has got to be very disappointing to have done all that work, to have used your time and resources. I am just sick for you.
      I have made these a few times and while yes, I agree that they were a little gummy after a couple days of sitting, I have not experienced anything inedible. Oh gosh. I feel awful. Will you let me make it up to you in a very small way? Shoot me and email and I will send you a copy of my book. I know that doesnt event come close to making up for your time and energy. [email protected] Thanks

    Hi Amanda! I see a year has passed by, but only today I saw these amazing cookies! I would love to try them, but here (in Portugal) we don’t have canned pumpkin. Can you please tell me how to substitute with fresh pumpkin? Thanks in advance!

    Hello, your recipe looks amazing! I was just wondering approximately how many complete (with both cookies and icing) does this recipe make?

      She said approx 16 in a prior post.

    Recipe is not complete. No temperature posted no bake time. Mine are in oven I hope 10min at 350 is right

    I made these this morning and had the same issue as another woman who posted here> they were sticky and gummy 🙁 what did I do wrong?

      Undercooked I believe! My apologies. They should NOT be gummy out of the oven, but they are a bit more dense than an average cake.

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