Stripe Birthday Cookies

filed under: Cookies on July 12, 2010

I get burnt out on birthday cookies.

My lazy little brain wants to just write out ‘Happy Birthday!’ on each cookie and call it a day.


But then I get to thinking about someone opening a box of cookies only to see something they have seen all too often before it.. well… it motivates me to try new things.

Not totally fantastic or brilliant or earth shattering new things… just techniques and designs that are new to me.



These fantastically un-original cookies are just different colored lines.

The only thing I knew about the recipient was that he was turning 30 and his name was Adam.

So. I tried to go for masculine. Hence, brown, blue, and green.

I’m wildly imaginative you know.


I started out with these for his name. Then I thought it was too busy looking so I made different ones. (above)

I think I ate these. Its all kind of a sugar induced mental blur.



I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and glaze icing.

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  • grace says:

    okay, so maybe they’re not WILDLY imaginative, but who’s to say wild designs are best? they’re perfectly-done and pretty (and delicious, no doubt)–that’s all that matters!

  • Chef Dennis says:

    Hey Amanda
    those cookies are beautiful, I love how you did the stripes and the letters….I am just happy most days to get anything I bake out of the oven on time!
    Thanks for sharing and all your hard work

  • Kimber says:

    these birthday cookies are just the cutest things ever! i absolutely LOVE them! you are incredible with what you create, i swear!

  • Anne says:

    Oh my gosh! I love stripes. Now I can’t stop thinking about how good your cookies are and how fun it would be to eat a striped cookie. I wish you lived closer or I would ask you to do the cookies for my sister’s miracle baby shower (the baby is the miracle not the shower). But I’m afraid they would melt in transit or I would eat them all like I did last time and not have any dessert for the shower. So I think I will just dream about your cookies while I run 3 miles…

  • shelly (cookies and cups) says:

    I LOVE these cookies! So creative!

  • Jean says:

    I’ve probably been baking for 62 years (I’m now 66) and still cannot put a straight line on a cookie. Do you just do it freehand or use some kind of guide? Any advice would be appreciated, though I realize artistic ability is critical. I think I was absent the day God handed out artistic ability. Thanks for sharing.