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I just came accross this great site that actually is hosting a writing contest right now!! Please stop and check it out. They are offering over $400 in prizes!

Her Life Reflected




On a much, MUCH different note… (I should just do a seperate entry for this, but I am too lazy and my blog does say, I am Mommy….)



Lately, as I am changing Coltons diaper, he says, "See it Mommy?  See it?  Colte (thats how he refers to himself) Colte see it mommy?"

Me: "Colton, you really want to see your poopy diaper?"


So I open up said dirty diaper, and every time, without fail, Colton says,

"Can’t eat that.  Ucky mommy."



Where does he come up with this stuff??

God bless-





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