I Am Baker


  1. Bethany says

    Oh. My. Word.
    That said, I just want to eat her cute, chubby ankles. How on earth do you keep from kissing those all day?

  2. says

    STOP IT…. with all your “green grass” and “cute baby” talking to Jesus!! i’ve had ENOUGH!
    ………… (not really, not even close. i could look at pics of your life all day long. keep it up!)

  3. ElizaBeth says

    I REALLY want to know what she and God are talking about! She looks so intense, a little prayer warrior at work. This is one of those blow up, frame and hang in the living rooms photos.
    What a blessing she is!

  4. Janis says

    Green, green grass…$100
    Soft cuddly white blanket…$15
    little pink capri’s…$12
    Seeing your young child praying in earnest with “the faith of a child”…priceless!!! (and the cute little baby toes help with that too!)

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