Rose Covered Checkerboard Cake

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I had no intentions of making a Rose Cake.  I was actually planning on doing a tutorial for this cake, but something happened.

I was so inspired by the whimsical beauty of the MacKenzie-Childs products, I just couldnt help myself!  Since I knew the interior was a checkboard design, I thought the soft Rosette’s would be the perfect compliment.

 Original Rose Cake on Mackenzie-Childs Parchment Check Cake Stand

In addition the the cake interior, the Rose’s seemed a perfect compliment to the beautiful cake stand the cake was sitting on.

To  pipe the rose’s I followed my Original Rose Cake Tutorial.

Rose Covered Checkerboard Cake!

For the interior I slightly modified my Vertical Layer Cake Tutorial.  I made the layers white and a pale yellow, trying to replicate the same design that is on the cake stand and accessories.

Then, instead of placing the same color layers directly on top of each other, I just switched out the layers to make a checkerboard pattern.  SO easy!  Of course, you can always buy the checkerboard pan too. 😉

Checkerboard Cake covered in Rosette's!

Wouldn’t this cake be fun customized to your favorite colors?  Maybe a favorite football team for a Superbowl party?  I love the idea of adding a bit of a feminine touch to the party!




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  1. D SCHMIDT says

    I really like the Antique White Round Mirror but honestly everything on that site is amazing.
    Your cake is breathtaking, I wish I had that talent.

  2. Linda Falabella says

    You are really amazing! Every time I see another one of your creations, I want to try it. I tried using a checkerboard pan to put a cross in the middle of a cake, but the colors did not stay sharp. The mixes floated together. Gee I wish cakes were calorie free.

  3. Uju says

    Hello Amanda ! I would be so grateful if you could go over how you did the checkerboard pattern. I’m really bad at getting things without a picture and I cannot figure out how you did it !!! Pls *bats eyelashes*