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The View From Here

We arrived about 9:30 this morning.

Tentative.  Nervous.

Cautiously Hopeful.

Chad Before Ablation


As I type this Chad is having an ablation.

Technically not a surgery, but an invasive procedure none the less.  They are going in and going to try and get rid of any unnecessary tissue in Chad’s heart.  It can be a long and difficult procedure, taking as long as 6 hours.  Chad will be out the entire time, and will not awake again until he is in recovery tonight.  He will most likely remember nothing.

We have such great hope that this procedure will end Chad’s Atrial Fibrillation!  We are finally (thanks to some encouraging and supportive friends!) comfortable praying for complete healing.

We have great hope that everything will go well and that they will not find any clots.  That the stress of this condition will be over and my husband will be healthy again.

We have been surrounded by caring friends and family, offering countless prayers.  Since we have great faith in the fact that prayer changes things, this means the world to us.

Hopefully my next post will have the headline… SUCCESS!  Prayers Answered!



  1. Tracy Black says

    Just wanted to let you know that my husband had an ablation done in January 2012 that was a complete success! He went off the afib drugs six months later. Hoping your husband has the same kind of results – it can happen :)

  2. says

    Our Prayers,will be with you both,and family!!! I know the “God,who made that body”,He answers knee mail !!

  3. brenda says

    Prayers for you and your family. Looking forward to the successreport !!!
    Words seem so inadequate when I can hardly imagine what you went thru during the long hours of surgery and recovery.

  4. says

    I’m quite behind in blog reading. Just read this now and hope that the procedure went well. Prayers offered for a complete recovery and healing for your husband.

  5. says

    My husband is about to turn 31 and has the same condition. He was told to have an ablation years ago and we’ve withheld. How did you make the decision to move forward with it and how bad is his a-fib? Our dr’s keep wanting to blame it on a lifestyle that doesn’t exist. He doesn’t drink, smoke or drink caffeine. But they keep asking. I’m tired of them not believing and having no answers.

    We are believers too and have faith that he will be OK but I know he worries that his heart condition will take his life early. Any encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • says

      Hi Melissa-

      The doctors really pushed my husband into the ablation. I was hesitant, but support whatever choices he makes. Turns out that it didnt work, that hubby is actually back in a-fib now. I am hesitant to give advice because we have not found success in any method we have tried. We are going to seek out a naturopath… as she has had great success with her methods. My husband is like yours… doesnt really drink, doesnt smoke, exercises, eats well. Its hard to not get the answers we so desperately seek! Will be praying with you!

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