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Tidbits and Winners

Thanks to everyone who entered to win some great stuff from frecklebox.com!  When Mark from frecklebox.com found out about the giveaway, he generously offered to cover the cost of one of the winners!  Isnt that amazing?  Thanks so much Mark!

The first winner is:


Steph said:

That is awesome that you are doing this!!!! I love the stickers!
the second winner is:
Kate said:
These are so cute! And thank you SO MUCH for doing this out of the kindness of your own heart!!! The puzzles would be GREAT for my little nephew who's 1 1/2! Thanks! (and pick me!!)
If you two can shoot me an email I will get you set up with your prizes!
Dont forget to leave a comment to win $500.  Its just that easy.  To win $500.  It could be you!
Oh!  Just an FYI, the LG TextEd campaign is going on over at BlogHer, and there are some really insightful posts from moms about how they handle issues related to texting/sexting/phone use. Even though that’s not an issue in our house right now, I was surprised at how much I learned about the issue and how I plan to parent on it! 
Also, Each comment left on the posts listed below benefits DoSomething.org with a $0.50 donation up to $5,000!

Do not leave sunglasses unattended around children.  They will inevitably find them and proclaim themselves too cool for you.



  1. says

    Well, that’s fun. I just popped over here to say ‘Hi’ and see how you’re doing. Didn’t know I would also be able to enter to win $500. Such a deal you have for me! *wink*
    Sooooo, how are you doing?

  2. says

    OK. I thought I just left a comment for you, but now I’m not sure. (I’m too young to be having ‘senior moments’. Must be the company I’m keeping these days. LOL!)
    Anyway, I stopped by to see how you’re doing and was delighted to see that I also got to enter to win $500. BONUS!
    So, my friend ~ How are you doing?

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