birthday celebration (with LOTS of desserts!)

filed under: Chocolate Cakes on August 18, 2014

This past weekend was a busy one, with lots of food, fun and desserts of course!

Parker & Inga Birthday Party!


My little guy is turning eight in about a week and my sweet niece turned nine last Friday!  We are also celebrating one year in our home as well as a long and beautiful summer.  School time is right around the corner, and we wanted to be outside with friends and family before the cold Minnesota winter drives us indoors.

But lets talk desserts!

Chocolate Zucchini Cake


My mother-in-law made this beautiful Chocolate Zucchini Cake.  It was a hit!

Butterscotch Peanut Butter Dessert Pizza

I made my husband’s all time favorite Butterscotch Peanut Butter Dessert Pizza.

I actually made two for the party, but hubby didn’t get to eat any of it, so I made him another one that night.  (It only takes 15 minutes from conception to your first bite, so easy!)

White Cake Zucchini Cupcakes


Parker had requested a white cake with strawberries, so I made him these cupcakes.  They are my white zucchini cake recipe with strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries on top.  I didn’t actually get to try one, but I heard folks enjoyed them.

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Last but not least was the Chocolate Zucchini Cake.  I didn’t get to try this one either, as it went pretty fast, but I did get to try the cupcake version and those were amazing.

As for the entertainment…

Rettke Party 2014


Some of the talented kids from our church agreed to come and play.  This is Next Destination.  I think everyone would agree that they did an amazing job!

We also had face painting:



Inga face paintingInga

bouncy house

We also rented a giant bouncy house that the kids enjoyed for three days!  Seriously enjoyed.  On Sunday they spent a good deal of time trying to plan ways to save money so they can buy their own.

It was a wonderful time I we felt beyond blessed to have so many friends and family there.  And to get to enjoy good food together!

Can’t wait until next year!

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  • Becs @ Lay the table says:

    Your children are so lucky to have a great mom like you! What a fab party, and THE FOOD!

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks girl! I think their dad did most of the work though… #justsayin 😉

  • Laura @ Laura's Culinary Adventures says:

    How fun! You know how to throw a party!

  • angie says:

    The party was so much fun! Thank you for making Inga feel special and part of the festivities

  • Kerry @ Kerry Cooks says:

    So much amazing food! That birthday cake looks amazing, but the dessert pizza – yum! We have bounce houses in the UK, (we call them bouncy castles) but none that amazing!

  • Barbara @ Barbara Bakes says:

    Looks like you know how to throw a party! My husband would love that Butterscotch Peanut Butter Dessert Pizza too.

  • Michal says:

    Wow! awesome desserts!
    Happy birthday to your son and niece!

  • sue/the view from great island says:

    You clearly understand the importance of birthdays…your kids are lucky to have you as a mom 😉

  • Phi @ The Sweetphi Blog says:

    Awe, what a fantastic celebration! Love all the desserts, that is definitely my kind of celebration!

  • Jocelyn@Brucrewlife says:

    This looks like it was a fantastic party!! I’m still drooling over all of the amazing desserts! 🙂

  • Abigail says:

    Love your recipe tried a few and it came out great. I especially like the cheesecake recipes