The best part of birthdays??  The cake of course!

I would love  to share with you a fun cake idea as well as some tips on how YOU can best enjoy all the birthdays you celebrate!


Funfetti Cake!

 Here’s  Tip #1: Use a box of cake mix to ensure a level, beautiful and delicious cake!  Don’t stress about finding the perfect from scratch recipe, especially if you are a busy working parent.  Your child will not know the difference, but they will know that you baked something special just for them!


Raw Cake about to be frosted with #32 tip.

I am a huge fan of the easy concept.  Just because the technique is easy doesn’t mean you are sacrificing beauty!

For this cake I used a #32 tip.  Simply hold the tip at the base of the cake, apply light pressure, and move up to the top.  Make sure to take the frosting all the way over the top edge of the cake.

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake decorated with #32 Tip


For the top, I used a #1M tip and just made little swirled dollops of frosting.

This is a classic technique that I have loved and admired forever. I left the better part of the top of the cake white and really like how clean it looks!

I used THIS perfect buttercream recipe for piping.

Frosting dollops on top of a yellow cake. Cake has a surprise inside!

 The inside was something different all together!

I decided to make it a surprise inside cake, because who doesn’t love a good surprise???

Surprise Inside Funfetti Cake from


Can you tell what the surprise is?

A candle!

Candle Surprise Inside Cake from

This tiny candle will be in every single piece of cake.  I just love that everyone who gets a piece will get some of the FUN surprise!

And whats even better is that sweet little candle is surrounded by a bright and festive Funfetti Cake!

Ready for those other two tips on how you can celebrate more?

Candle Surprise Inside Funfetti Cake!


Tip #2: Make a tradition.  Choose to always bake a cake.  Or make a certain flavor of cake.  Or buy a huge pack of candles on your baby’s first birthday and use the same candles every year.  Or make a personalized Birthday Book!

Audrey enjoying a Surprise Inside Birthday cake!

Tip #3: Relax.  If you are a parent and trying to plan the perfect party for your most precious little angel, take a moment to sit back and catch your breath.  Are family and friends going to be gathered around?  Is there enough cake for everyone?  Then that is all you need.

I know, I know… we all want our children to have the most special day.  But truly… feeling loved is the greatest gift we can give them!

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Reader Comments

  1. We celebrate every birthday with cake!! Love your site, and I wish I was half as creative as you are!!

  2. i always make everyone a special cake for their birthday. for my own i usually buy one, i deserve a break.

  3. Yes!!! It’s not a birthday celebration without a cake!! Great giveaway! My birthday is coming up too, May 21st!

  4. Absolutely! I bake birthday cakes for my family and friends. I was blessed to have a mother who taught me to bake and later I took cake decorating lessons. So, my family and friends get to request any kind of cake they want and our sons could have any outlandish themed birthday cake they could think up. Cake and ice cream — what a heavenly treat!

  5. Every year I bake my kids a different shape of cake. I make a cake in the shape of something they love and I always try something new!

  6. We always celebrate with homemade cake! My kids don’t cake about the cake – – it’s what shape/design the cake is in that’s important. The hubby likes traditional cake with buttercream icing, the sweeter the better. Me, I’m just happy when I get a cake (that I didn’t make!).

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