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filed under: I Am Mommy on April 24, 2015

(all pictures taken with my phone, sorry some are blurry!)

The older I get one thing becomes more and more apparent to me.

My mental state is usually a direct reflection of the state of my kitchen.

my kitchen is a MESS

And this is what my kitchen looked like ALL WEEK.

Well, all month maybe. I am not sure. It’s been bad for awhile.

I mean, I get in there and do a few dishes and try to keep the clutter to a minimum… but yeah. It’s been a total disaster.

And so have I.

At least, emotionally.

my kitchen is a MESS

I have cakes undone.

Recipes and bills and receipts and dirty dishes and half eaten food everywhere.

Totally unorganized.

But today, today I decided to do something about it.

a cleaner kitchen

So I dropped everything.

And did the dishes.

And put receipts in their folder.

And brought the compost outside.

And emptied/loaded the dishwasher. Twice.

And wiped the counters off.

And decorated the cake.

a cleaner kitchen

And then sat down at the table.

Otherwise known as the official clutter collector in the house, where all the homework and dishes and snacks and computers end up inevitably throughout the day.

Or, one of my favorite places in the world.

clean kitchen table

And just enjoyed it.

There was a little less clutter in my mind and I can’t help but think (ok so I know) they are related.

The kids will be home soon which means life will be lived and more messes will be made, and that is fine by me.

But for now, in the moment, I am enjoying the blank slate and the chance to start over.

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

-Paslm 51:10

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  • Laura says:

    Such a beautiful kitchen! Mine is always a mess;)


  • Tamara R says:

    Beautiful! Clean! My boys and I unload the dishwasher right before bedtime. I wipe down counters and put away clutter. The whole process takes 10 minutes at most…and makes a huge difference in how our next day flows! It sounds dramatic, but when we forget the dishes pile up in the sink an I spend an hour of my afternoon just playing catch up with dishes! I am learning….. very slowly but it’s progress. Great job on your kitchen! Enjoy!

  • Charlotte Moore says:

    Love your big kitchen.

  • Shinee says:

    Oh my gosh, totally agree with “My mental state is usually a direct reflection of the state of my kitchen.” If my mood is off, I look around and sure enough the house is a mess! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kerry @ Kerry Cooks says:

    You’re totally right! Gretchen Rubin calls a dirty kitchen a ‘broken window’ – a sign of what else is going on! If your kitchen is in order, you’re in control! (You should totally read her books, they’re awesome).

    • Amanda says:

      I will, thank you!

  • The Petite Cook says:

    Totally agree with you, I can’t really focus with a messy kitchen!

  • Julianne @ Beyond Frosting says:

    Your kitchen is so gorgeous! I can’t imagine keeping up with that with all your kiddos around!

  • Betsy | says:

    I love the light you have coming in your kitchen! And how it’s open to the rest of your house! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 🙂 And… I love the honesty. Seriously… it’s exactly why I’m doing the post I’ve got going up tomorrow. Bloggers lives at home aren’t as perfect as they may seem in the photos of our recipes. We’ve got crazy kitchens and messy lives too!! xxoo Love you, girl!

  • Donna says:

    Amanda, I had the exact same day yesterday. It IS so amazing what a difference it makes when everything is in it’s place. I love that you chose Create in me a clean heart O God, renew a steadfast spirit in me. Isn’t that true? The physical act of cleaning does renew our spirit. I find that in the act of cleaning, my brain works through the thoughts and emotions cluttering my mind as well. Love your blogs!

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