So remember I told ya I was going to a playdate at Jennifer's house?

Yeah.  It was ok.


And when I say ok what I mean is…

…it was awesome.

(if you would be so kind as to allow my to embrace my inner 80's valley girl)

Like, totally awesome to the max dude.

We all had so much fun hanging out and chasing our kids around and fighting over Stellan and trying to casually peek into Jennifers pantry when no one was looking.

Oh.  Sorry.  Maybe that was just me.


Not only did she invite a bunch of moms and their kids over to her house but she prepared food for us.

It was, like, totally radical and tubular.  Like, really though.  It was tubular




Audrey and Stellan were chillin' out.

Then Audrey tried to eat Stellan.


Like, No Audrey!  Gag me with a spoon!  You can't eat babies!  That would be like, a bummer to the max!


*No Stellans were harmed in the making of this blog post.

And you may have seen this already, but I did make a cake.


I shoulda put, "Dont Worry, Be Happy."

That would have fit so much better in my 80's theme. 

And then.  I did something that is 'Classic Amanda'. (were finger quotes invented in the 80's?)

I forgot to take a picture of the inside.

I did, however, get a picture of Jennifer taking a picture of the inside.


And then I begged her to send me the picture she was taking of the inside.


And then I threw on my Bart Simpson "Eat My Shorts" shorts and watched Valley Girl, Say Anything, Dirty Dancing, Karate Kid, Heathers, a documentary about New Kids on The Block, and the A-Team.

The 80's are alive and well my friend.  

Or not.

Detailed Instructions Here.

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  1. Okay…I am making this cake, and two small smash cakes (red-orange-yellow, blue-green-purple) and a dozen cupcakes for a 1st birthday on Saturday…wish me luck.

  2. I love this cake! I saw it on MckMama’s blog a while back and knew I had to try it. I figured my daughter’s 1st birthday would be great with a rainbow theme. Well, today I practiced making it, and have some questions. First, what size cake pans did you use? 7″ or 9″? My frosting didn’t seem quite right. It’s not pure white–has sort of a yellow tinge, and is really sticky and gooey. Any ideas why? I’m glad I practiced! It’s definitely not as beautiful as yours. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing!

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