These decorated sugar cookies took first place in the Washington Country Fair! I used this sugar cookie recipe and this glaze icing recipe.

I’ve been busy with creating some new fun and colorful cookies.


Butterflies are in abundance.




We visited the Washington County Fair in Lake Elmo.  It was SO fun!!  The kids had a great time!

But before we ran out of there with me praying out loud over and over and over and trying not to drop the deep-fried cheesecake, we got to see this…



It’s official!  No one else in the state of Minnesota is entering the ‘decorated sugar cookie’ division of the county fairs!

Well then.

Will you indulge me for a moment?  I feel the need.  I feel the need to share something really personal with you.

This is my ‘work station’. (aka the piece of parchment paper I decorate on at the dining room table)


It is a horrific mess of frosting that will never find its home on a cookie.

There.  I feel better now.

I do have a special treat for everyone that made it through this whole post without falling asleep.



Remember that I mentioned the deep-fried cheesecake?  This is it.  I ordered mine with fresh-from-a-can blueberries.

It was so worth the 13-minute wait and the $7 dollars.

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Reader Comments

  1. I’m absolutely confused about the google thing, but you were first not second! How did that happen? Anyways, love the cookies! And I LOVE cheesecake, but I’ve never had it deep fried!

  2. Looks delicious, the cheesecake and the cookies! I cant believe how beautiful your cookies are… I am going to have to make a post to show you how when i tried to be like you, how badly i failed! 🙂

  3. Man, your cookies look awesome! You are an artist!! Congrats!!
    SO what’s fried cheesecake? I’m never had it nor heard of it.

  4. You are so talented with your sugar cookies – how many hours did it take to get the stripey butterfly so perfect? How many “rejects”? I can see you conquering the world of state fairs! When is the next one?
    Deep fried cheesecake – really? Wow! In Scotland you can order deep fried Mars Bars and Snickers in some of the fish and chip shops – can you imagine?!
    Was the fried cheesecake so heavy that you needed a buggy/stroller to carry it?

  5. Congrats on your win. Those cookies sure do look pretty.
    Yum on the cheesecake. Holy moly batman that is a whole lot of sin. LOL

  6. Congrats on your win. Those cookies sure do look pretty.
    Yum on the cheesecake. Holy moly batman that is a whole lot of sin. LOL

  7. That is really strange. Boyds Bears and sugar cookies? How on earth did you figure that out? Please tell me if you do go with the Boyds Bears look you’ll let us in for a big reveal. And just for laughs, I’ll tell you I did have a Boyds Bear. They are kinda cute…when you’re in elementary school.
    You could so sell those cookies. Or give lessons on how to make them. What you do is absolutely beautiful. And I so wish I could be like you when I grow up. I really wanted to make a butterfly cake for Hope’s birthday, but chickened out. I have no artistic talent.
    I’m not sure if that cheesecake looks like heaven or makes me want to be a little ill. Wow is that a lot of fried sugary goodness. I’m sure the health benefits of the blueberries surely counter balance the cheesecake. Or something.

  8. HMMMM! My first thought about the cheese cake was “what would Jullian say about that?” and I think that as I’m making a batch of homeade waffles for breakfast…. I absolutly love your cookies!!! Now if I could just get you to ship them here…. Have a blessed weekend!

  9. You are seriously talented! Mine would have been a mess!
    (thank you for the compliment on our Asher’s name and for coming by my blog.)
    Peace to you,

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