These Succulent cupcakes are a fun to way treat anyone who loves succulents! Imagine inviting the kids to help and creating memories as well as delicious cupcakes! Check out my other Cupcake Recipes too!

How to Make Succulent Cupcakes:

cupcake recipe

buttercream recipe

tips #3, #32, #104, #225, #352

pastry bags

rotating cake stand (optional)

Green, yellow, pink food color (I used McCormick)

{Video} How to make succulent cupcakes!

Begin by baking cupcakes and allow to cool to room temperature. Prepare your buttercream.

Now you can tint your frosting for the succulent cupcakes. I did 3 shades of green; a light, medium, and dark tone. I prepared a dark pink (mauve) and a yellow, then left a little buttercream white. Place all frosting in pastry bags fitted with coupler sets.

How to make a Barrel Cactus out of buttercream!

Barrel Cactus Succulent Cupcake

Tips: #352 with dark green frosting, #225 with yellow frosting, #3 with white frosting

Begin by piping out a tall center tower of frosting. (You can also place a mini cupcake or donut ball on top of the cupcake. Now hold the #352 tip flat against the tower of frosting and apply pressure as you move up. Release pressure at the top and quickly pull the bag away. Repeat.

Now grab the bag with white frosting and the #3 tip. Right on the edge of the green frosting apply a dot of frosting and quickly pull away. These white dots represent the needle on a barrel cactus. I made mine farther apart on the bottom and grouped them closer towards the top. Do this around the entire cupcake.

Finish with a yellow flower on the top of the frosting cactus.

Short Spiky Cactus Succulent Cupcake

Tips #32 with light green

Pipe out a small mound of frosting in the center of the cupcake. Starting at the base of the frosting, squeeze a row of tiny star shapes all the way around the cupcake. Once you have one row of spikes, continue moving up and around the cupcake until you reach the top.

Green and Pink Spiky Cactus Succulent Cupcake

For this version, you will prepare your frosting a bit different. I added both green and pink frosting to one pastry bag. Press an empty pastry bag into a tall kitchen glass. Spread some pink frosting along one side of the bag and then fill in the bag with green frosting.

With the #32 tip, pipe out a small mound of frosting in the center of the cupcake. Starting at the base of the frosting, squeeze a row of tiny star shapes all the way around the cupcake. Once you have one row of spikes, continue moving up and around the cupcake until you reach the top.

Desert Rose Succulent Cupcake

Tip #104 with light green and medium green frosting

Starting at the center of the cupcake, pipe a small mound of light green frosting. Now hold your tip at the base of the mound and apply pressure, moving over the top of the frosting mound. Rotate your cupcake 1/3 way around and repeat. Rotate cupcake another 1/3 way around and repeat. It should resemble the tighter inner petals of a rose. Now, starting at the base of the frosting, apply pressure and move upward slightly over the frosting and pipe another petal. Repeat a few more times and then switch to the medium green frosting. Repeat with the petals around until you almost reach the edge of the cupcake. Now hold the tip against the cupcake and pipe around the entire flower. This is optional but can help create a cleaner edge around the base.

Easy and fun succulents!

After making a few of each design, you will have a strong grasp on how to execute them in different ways.

{VIDEO} on how to make thee fun succulent cupcakes!

Try with different colors and add different tips… the sky is the limit! These Succulent Cupcakes are a really delicious way to impress friends and family.

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Reader Comments

  1. I am having a hard time with my frosting not being stiff enough to use the piping tips. My hand is also warming the frosting so it melts in the bag….help!!!!

    1. Try adding a bit more confectioners sugar or chilling the frosting in the fridge for about 15-30 minutes.

  2. These are beautiful! Can you tell me how many cups of frosting to prepare for 24 cupcakes?

    1. I think I used a little red and blue food color and just mixed and mixed until I got what color I wanted. 🙂

  3. I am just starting my own business making candy apples, cakes and things. I am also trying to get into the infused cakes and this helps me a lot. I am trying to get creative and it takes a while but thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I’m having a hard time finding the tips you used. For example #352 is a leaf tip, but should it be a big open star for the large dark green cacti?

  5. tutorial was really useful. I didn’t have an extra cake piece for the barrel cactus but a marshmallow is the perfect size!

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