alternatively titled when I was gonna try to have you figure out what the heck this cake was: Freaky Halloween Cake

alternatively titled when I felt bad for always trying to make you guess stuff: Snake Cake

This is the last of the Halloween treats for me. I dont know about you, but I have been looking at and thinking about and creating Halloween stuff for over a month now. Its time for Thanksgiving!

But not quite yet.

This is my Medusa cake. It is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and milkchocolatesnakes.

Seriously could not be easier to do. Melt some chocolate in plastic bag in microwave. Pipe out weird snake lookin like shapes. Let cool.

Make cake.

Make frosting.

Stick snakes in top of cake.


Just dont look at it too long…


Er, wait. Or is it that you are not supposed to look at it at all?


Or that she cant catch you looking at her???

Ugh. I should have thought this through more.

You can just go right ahead and look at this cake all you want! So there mythical scary-in-her-day-but-not-quite-anymore creature!


Now you go and have a happy and safe and sweet filled Halloween.

Thats an order. 😉

Here is the Chocolate Cake Recipe and  Chocolate Frosting Recipe!

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Reader Comments

  1. awesome :). I had some more Halloween stuff to post but then I got sick.
    Er, leftovers for next year maybe? haha

  2. sometimes i DON’T want to read your new entries because i know i will suffer from sugar cravings. but i can’t help it. i so want a cake now!! LOL!!

  3. Another great cake! What a fabulous idea, love the chocolate sprouting from the top! Happy Halloween!

  4. Pretty artsy cake Amanda. Great job. You have a fun Halloween too. Next year you’ll have one new little trick-or-treater. 🙂

  5. I wish I saw this earlier! I just had a Halloween party last night and I was dressed up as Medusa. Still, I love how simple the design is, yet it’s still visually impressive.

  6. That is a FABULOUS cake. I love it! Can’t wait to see what you do with Thanksgiving and Christmas… I’m on the edge of my seat (err couch).

  7. i like snake cake ’cause it rhymes, but medusa cake is much more fun and fitting. this is really clever, amanda, and it looks great.

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