alternatively titled when I was gonna try to have you figure out what the heck this cake was: Freaky Halloween Cake

alternatively titled when I felt bad for always trying to make you guess stuff: Snake Cake

This is the last of the Halloween treats for me. I dont know about you, but I have been looking at and thinking about and creating Halloween stuff for over a month now. Its time for Thanksgiving!

But not quite yet.

This is my Medusa cake. It is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and milkchocolatesnakes.

Seriously could not be easier to do. Melt some chocolate in plastic bag in microwave. Pipe out weird snake lookin like shapes. Let cool.

Make cake.

Make frosting.

Stick snakes in top of cake.


Just dont look at it too long…


Er, wait. Or is it that you are not supposed to look at it at all?


Or that she cant catch you looking at her???

Ugh. I should have thought this through more.

You can just go right ahead and look at this cake all you want! So there mythical scary-in-her-day-but-not-quite-anymore creature!


Now you go and have a happy and safe and sweet filled Halloween.

Thats an order. 😉

Here is the Chocolate Cake Recipe and  Chocolate Frosting Recipe!

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Reader Comments

  1. Amanda, this is such a cool cake. I love the simpler styled cakes (probably because I’m still learning how to even frost a cake smoothly). I have been following your blog of a while now and too live in the twin cities and love, love, love to bake cookies and cakes. I even attempted the rainbow cake (except using different colors) for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. You are truly talented and it’s a joy to see what you’re creating. I’m praying God’s protection and blessings over you and your pregnancy.

  2. This looks delicious. I love chocolate and this is just the best cake. I really, really love it. Just beautiful.

  3. I tried something similar to this recently but on a much smaller scale. I made chocolate cups and wrapped them in PhotoFrost sheets so that you would not get chocolate on your fingers. Then i added my filling and piped some chocolate onto wax paper to make the crazy hair. thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to the holidays and some cooler weather.

  4. Love love love the cake- curious though about those snakes on top. They seriously did not break when you put them in, or fall over on top? Still trying to figure out how that works. And apparently, you didn’t have to use any special chocolate tempering skills to make them? May have to just try it to see for myself. Thanks for the beautiful idea!

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