CLOSED Nominate Someone You Love! {Desserts for the Deserving}

We all have the desire to make life better for the people we love.  We would do anything to ease their pain, to lessen burdens, to give someone the gift of joy!

And today you can make that desire a reality!

Today is the day that YOU can make a difference in someones life.  Today is the day that you can nominate someone for a very special treat!

Do you know someone who has work stress?  Or a strain in the family?  Or that has health issues?  Do you know someone who is always giving?  Who feeds your fish when you are out of town or volunteers to ring the Salvation Army bell every year?  Do you know someone who you think could use a smile?

Here is your chance to give them a very special treat!

Nominate your friend or loved one to receive a gift from people around the world!

How do you nomiate someone?

First: Leave a comment here nominating someone you know who could use a little tiny spot of sunshine in their day.  It can be a family member or a friend or even yourself.  Let us know just why they could use a special treat.

Please leave the full reason you want to nominate someone in the comment.  If there is a link to their blog or FB page or twitter feed  that is fine, but please make sure we have all the information we need in the comment.

You should know your nominee’s full mailing address, but Please do not leave your nominee’s full name, mailing address, or personal information that is not public knowledge in your comment.

Second: Copy and Paste your comment into an email and send it to with NOMINEE in the subject line.  Here is where you can provide the nominees full name and mailing address.

At this time I am asking that you only nominate people who live in the United States of America or in Canada.  If you have a very special need out of the US or Canada, please email us at with that information and we will see what we can do.


If you are able to also help spread the word through social media I would be much appreciattive!

My facebook page is going to be updated regularly and if you are able to share any posts that would be so wonderful!

Twitter is @iambakertweets and our hashtag is #deservingdesserts

If you feel comfortable Pinning this post that would be SO appreciated as well!


Many blessings-

Rebecca, Shanna, & Amanda

Rebecca and Shanna are the two amazing ladies who volunteered to help make this all happen.  Believe me when I say… NONE of this could have come to fruition without them.  They are doing everything on their own time and dime.  Thank you so much ladies!


The Nomination Period has ended.  Head on over to the Calling All Bakers post to see who has volunteered their time and resources!

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If it is not too late I would like to nominate David and Annie. Growing up they have always been there for me, always bringing me joy and laughter. It would be nice to give back to them and let them know I love them and appreciate them very very very much. And I will never forget the many memories they have created for me. They have always been there for me no matter what and I am blessed to have them in my life.

melissa j

If not to late i would like ro nominate my friend cindy e. She has had a rough couple years, three teenagers, all the issues therein..making her way back into the job market.. financial hardships. She is very giving, very involved in her church and is always volunteering to help anywhere she can. A pick me up would be great.

Natalie J Vandenberghe

I would like to nominate my Mom. On April 18th, she was taken by ambulance to the hospital. After several hours in Emergency, doctors determined that she had blood clots in her left leg. A Thrombectomy was performed and Mom spent 10 days in the hospital. She was then transferred to a Rehab facility–where she has been ever since! My Mom had to give up living independently, which I’m sure was very hard for her. She hopes to improve enough that she can relocate to an Assisted Living Facility soon. Therapy (OT & PT) has been very hard for Mom and she has had several set-backs (including infections), delaying her progress. Mom’s birthday is on June 26 (she will be 83–shh…don’t tell her I told you her age) and my hope is that she will recover enough that we can actually celebrate!
Thank you for your consideration. and, I’m sure many will be blessed by your endeavors.
p.s. Mom is the one who gave me my love for food (cooking & eating). I come from a long line of sweet-lovers 😉

Stephanie Lundgren

I would like to nominate my aunt Becky. She is an amazing woman who has faced a lot of challenges in her life. Regardless of what is going on personally, she is always there for others. Becky is selfless, hard working and strong.


I would like to nominate my cousin’s family. Her 16-year-old son took his life late last year, and it has been a difficult journey for them ever since. They continue to try to focus on the joy that he brought, instead of the sadness that comes from knowing that he is gone too soon.

Their whole family is about the warmest, friendliest, most hospitable family you could ever meet. And every July they host a canoe weekend for about 50-70 of their closest friends and family. We’ll be going again this year, and it will be difficult to be there without their son for the first time. He and his twin sister and their friends (and my stepson) would have a blast on the river.

I would love to bring a little happiness to their day and remind them that their son made a lasting impression on us all. And we will never forget.

Hayley Zimmerman

I have volunteered to help but I would also like to nominate someone. Our pastors daughter was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease a couple of years ago and has been basically bed ridden for the last two years. The toll that this has taken on this family is immense. They are the most kind, loving and caring people you could have ever met. And they are desperately in need of a loving gift. They live in Canada though. I do have their address.


I’d like to nominate my husband, Richard, who has multiple problems he is dealing with- an ailing father who is now in a convalescent home with little recognition or response to anyone, helping his mother who tries to deal with the situation, job stresses, as well as dealing with our 8-year old adopted son who has occupational defiance disorder. My husband is not even able to relax on weekends as he has so much to do constantly.
It would certainly make his day and bring a smile to his face.
God bless you for doing this!


I would like to nominate my mom, Nancy.Right now she’s supporting my whole family as my dad has been out of work for 2 1/2 years now. She works all day and still comes home and takes care of all of us. Its been a struggle on her especially with the years of fighting with my dad and them finally making a decision to get a divorce. Although the divorce is a mutual agreement there have been many nights that she’s come to my room crying. I know there are going to be a few more rough spots before she sees the light at the end of the tunnel and I’d love for her to get a treat to brighten her day.


I just wanted to thank you for starting the desserts for the deserving. My aunt Becky received her cookies last week and words can’t express how happy the package made her. The cookies were beautiful and personalized with her name. Thank you again! What a way to make a difference in someone’s life.

Dan Sanders

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to nominate the Bowhay family, 2013 has been a very tough year for the Bowhay family. On May 1st 2013 Sadie (Grandma) was diagnosed with terminal cancer, this came as a great shock to the family who all grouped together at that very tough stage. Things couldn’t have got much worse untill on the 15th May 2013 Bryony Bowhay (mother and daughter of Sadie) was also diagnosed terminal cancer at the age of 44.
This has been the worst news ever for the two children and husband that think the world of her, Bethan 17 and Sam 20. Since then the world has been put on hold why both mother and daughter are completing their treatments. Although the treatments will prolong their life both of their cancers are sadly in curable.
I am Bethan’s boyfriend and I have been with her for 2 years spending more time with the Bowhays than my own family and I couldn’t have meet a nicer family! They would do anything for anyone often putting people well before them.
It is my wish for them to have a family experience where as a family they get to have a time where they can forget the reality of what is going on and focus on what is really important making memories as a family.
I hope that you see how important it would be to this family to have this surprise as it would change their perspective!
I hope to hear from you soon
Many thanks
Daniel Sanders
(Bethan’s boyfriend)

Sent from my iPhone

Michelle birky

This individual is my mother. She’s been a hero not just to me but to many others in so many ways. She has been a single mom of 4 for 18 years making less then 10 dollars an hour. After my sister passed away at the age of 21 for unknown reasons she dedicated he life to helping others. We had what needed and more even if some nights she didn’t eat or get what she needed. It wasn’t only us that she helped and raised she kept and feed bought clothes for many kids in my neighborhood that their parents abandoned, couldn’t take care or abused them. She is still helping others as we move out others in need move in. Not only does she have a full time job but she’s also goin to school to be a counselor for children and women who have been abused or addicted to drugs or alcohol. She is amazing and deserves something good to happen to here after all the good things she done for everyone else.


My beautiful wife and I have 4 children together and have been together since we where teens. I want to let the world know what a blessing she is to me and her family. We have all experienced hard times in are life and have struggled and managed through them with a smile and some wife has lost so much family in the last 9 years from close friends to cousins and uncle’s. well recently my beautiful wife’s heart was broken in half on may 14th 2014 when she lost her only sister on that early morning. The pain has just pained her in every way possible. Not only did everything tumble down on her she recently was furloughed from work and now we have taken in 4 of her sister’s children and grandmother to care for because her sister was the main care taker of the grandmother and the children had nobody else to turn to for care of them. Are home isn’t very big and now with us both searching and working temp jobs to keep food on the table with a family that went from 6 to 11 on one tragic day. I never show emotion very well or expect a handout but one thing I would like to show the world is my wife is differently a strong women and if I could give her anything she ever wanted I would. Thank u for reading and maybe u could surprise her something and lift her spirts.


Tess is a Bakery Manager and has made the most beautiful cakes for her customers, She has even brought her customers in such tears because she’s put the effort and hard work in heart towards them! She carries a beautiful positive Christian attitude towards others at work and around her! People i have seen look up to her, even when she doesn’t know them very well; she carries a heart that i have never seen in my life! Tess is a Hero who is making a change in everyone’s lives! She gives charity money for Cancer, for the Ice Bucket Challenge, she also does It Works foundation where she makes others feel better about themselves if they have been struggling with their weight! She has been through a lot, but i know she would appreciate it if she was heard and was a Hero!!! Tess has been through so much in her life, but she is a very strong person who has the biggest heart out there for so many people around her! People look up to her in so many ways, they look up to her as an example, a leader in her community, a role model towards others, She carries a strong heart that not many people have when they go through a tough time in their life, But because of her strong belief in Christ she is a positive role model who deserves the very best in life! I want Tess to be heard, especially with everything she has been through! She is the strongest, kind hearted, beautiful person who makes a difference in everyone’s lives! For someone that has gone through such pain that brings joy and happiness towards others around her deserves it! She makes people feel good about them, and is a Hero is so many people’s lives! Tess had a very sweet 7 year old boy names Devin Lee Joseph Lara, They had found out that he had a stage 4 cancer, It shortened his life that devastated her and her family, But because God has been working in her life, She has made a huge impact and a big Hero for everyone around her! Tess has always carried a heart inside her for others around her! She is a Hero for sure! Tess is a Hero for change for life, who has been through a lot in her life.. Knowing she carries such a positive attitude towards others around others, knowing she’s brought tears in her customer’s eyes with her beautiful work with her cakes! Tess needs to be reached out there and heard on how hard she’s working towards her life and her son as well. I would appreciate it a lot if she got chosen for her dedication in her life! Thank you!