Peeps Cake Pops

filed under: Miscellaneous on March 30, 2012

I originally shared a couple pictures of these peeps pops with you a year ago.  But now I am going to share with you how I made them!

They were, of course, inspired by bakerella.  She is the Queen of Cake Pops.

And if I am being totally honest I will tell you…. I do not find cake pops easy.  I had to work to get them just right.

My hats of to you cake pops people.  You are talented and patient and creative.

Start out by making the cake pops as you normally would, but instead of a round ball, form them into ‘egg’ shapes.  Once you have made all your eggs, place them on a pan and pop them in the freezer to set up.

After your pops are st up nicely, prepare some melted chocolate to dip them in.

I mean, that is what normal sane cake pop makers do. I struggled with this step.  So I heated up a can of Betty Crockers classic white frosting in the microwave and dipped the pops in that.

To get the Peep head, just snip off the top of a Peep with a scissors. DONT FREAK OUT.  The peep will be OK. I mean, I am pretty sure he will be happy on his new home.

Then, while the frosting is still wet, attach the head by holding it gently but firmly against the cake pop for 30 seconds or so.

Gently set pop in safe place to dry. I stuck my pops into a piece Styrofoam to dry, but I inserted them at a 45-degree angle to keep the Peep heads from sliding off.

Once the cake pop has dried, you’re left with the cutest little Peep, “peeping” his head out!

But.  If you are weird like me you can take in one step further.

Its Peep Butt.


Er… Happy Easter. 😉

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  • Lisa says:

    These are so cute!!
    To all those having problems melting chocolate. I have a terrible time melting anything but regular milk or dark chocolate. The few things I have found that make it easier-melt on med heat in very small increments-if I’m melting a bag of Wilton candy melts, I’ll do 45 seconds on 50%, stir (even though they’re not even melted but you want to move them around so there are no hot spots), then 30 seconds on 50% and stir really well, then 20 second increments on 50%. You actually want to stop before they’re fully melted and just stir until they are melted. I do sometimes add a bit of vegetable oil. Another great tip, I have an electric skillet. You can put bowls (or I use mason jars) in the electric skillet and turn it on low, put about 1″ water in (about 1/2 way up the side of your skillet) and let your candy melts sit in the mason jars (sometimes I’ll start melting them in the microwave then pop them in the skillet. I find I don’t over heat them this way and the mason jars are great for dipping pops! Just be careful to not get any water in your chocolate. This page that I found has lots of great chocolate info ! Hope it helps!

  • CJR says:

    Maybe I just stink at baking…but I had a nightmare with these.
    My melted frosting did NOT coat on smoothly like yours did and even when stuck at a 45 degree angle, dripped blobs of frosting all down the lollipop stick, making a mess. Twisting didn’t help.
    All of my Peep heads slid off…it looked like a mass murder scene in my freezer!

    Not sure where I went wrong… 🙁

    • Amanda says:

      So sorry!

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