• Perfect Fathers Day Cake!

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    I have to warn you straight away, I am teasing a bit.  This IS the perfect cake to make for Fathers Day, but there is a catch.

    First, the cake.

    Ombre Cake from Surprise-Inside Cakes

     photo credit Susan Powers


    While this screams masculine to me, a friend mentioned that she might want try a different technique for the frosting. (What, are petals feminine or something??)

    Something like this:

    The Perfect Birthday Cake


    Recipe Here: The Perfect Birthday Cake

    I think either one would look amazing quite honestly!

    Ombre Cake from Surprise-Inside Cakes

    photo credit Susan Powers

    Let me tell you all the reasons Dad is going to love this cake.

    1. It’s pretty darn good lookin if I don’t say so myself.

    2. It has every flavor of amazing.  Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and Vanilla.  AND all the accompanying frosting flavors!

    3. You made it for him. (awwwww)

    So what is the catch?  This handsome cake’s recipes aren’t on my blog, they are only in my book!!

    Now seriously, hop on over to amazon (where it is discounted!) and get your very own copy of Surprise-Inside Cakes now!

    I PROMISE you, Dad will love it!

    Surprise Inside Cakes!

    Surprise-Inside Cakes

    or where books are sold!

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    This cake looks absolutely stunning! I’m sure my dad would really love a cake like this!

    This really IS the perfect Father’s Day cake, Amanda! LOVE it!

    This cake is simply amazing. i luv the use of petals for the decoration. something so feminine yet its very appealing for dad and the colours just nail it. Keep up the great work

    I better jump on getting the book now! I cant believe I havent gotten it yet =/. This cake is seriously gorgeous! I happen to love the petals, and Im sure my dad would too! 😉

    That picture is making me sooo hungry for some good cake right now! Looks awesome!

    That cake is absolutely beautiful! You’re awesome!

    I love, love, love this cake! Love the frosting colors and design, love the inside three layers in three different colors! And best of all…I have your book. 🙂

    Kevin would love that cake any way it is frosted 🙂 Looks amazing! Pinned.

    I actually made this cake this weekend and decorated it this evening! My problem, though, is that I followed your chocolate cake recipe instead of mine and the cake completely fell apart when I tried to take it out of the pans. Tasted super yummy, but not sure what happened. Any ideas?

      Hi Alison! So very sorry that there were any complications! I have not run into that problem with this recipe at all. I will try to recreate the problem and get back to you, ok? Thanks for letting me know!

    Would it be selfish of me to the buy the book “for dad” and then conveniently forget to give it to him?
    And also, to make this cake “for dad” and then conveniently eat it all before I give it to him?
    No? Perfect!
    GORGEOUS CAKE! Pinned 🙂

      HA HA HA HAAAAA, that is too funny!!! Love it. Thank you!!

    Wow – gorgeous cake! I am a new visitor to your blog – your book sounds fantastic!!!

    This looks SO SO gooood!!!!!! I need this cake in my life and most certainly, your book too! 🙂


    I have your book & I tried to make the petals,
    but it just didn’t work out ):
    And I really want to learn it.
    Now I can’t find a video tutorial to create petals on a cake,
    & I wondered if you know any or,
    if you have time and feelings for it,
    want to create one?

    Thankyou for your book, you’re a huge inspiration! ~

    Lots of love,

      Hi Kimberly! I am so sorry it didnt work. I do not have a tutorial on those petals, as it is a specific and unique style I created only for the book. (So no one else has a tutorial either!) However, I would recommend practicing a bit more. I know that once I figured out the wrist that I whizzed through the cake in a few minutes. But when I over-though it it seemed to take much longer and was not as easy. You can always practice on a piece of parchment paper or solid surface. That will help get your confidence up! Blessings!

    These cakes look absolutely divine and are a great idea for Father’s Day.

    Just saw this on Pinterest, and you’re right either one would be great for Father’s day. I have been following your blog with all of your baked goodies and wanted to say what an inspiration you are. Because of you, I took my first cake decorating class and loved it. Had several laughs about how the cakes turned out, but at least they tasted good.
    Thanks 🙂

    Everything looks perfect!!!!

    Don't Pass on Dessert!