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Rana Crye ·

My favorite frosting is the flour frosting that a german bakery here in town uses on their cakes! It’s not too sweet and they favorite it with either hazelnut or mocha! Have eaten their cakes now for 45 years!!!!!
Lori Kramer ·

I met you at BHG’s cooking experience is DesMoines IA and shared my cut out sugar cookie and almond cream cheese frosting recipes with you. You know my daughter Kenzie who was a digital editor there at the time. I would absolutely LOVE to win these in order to create more fun creations on my sugar cookies using that almond cream cheese frosting.
Kristin Anne Smith ·

Homemade vanilla buttercream

I messaged the winners on Facebook! 🙂


So excited!!

I love using my Russian tips and want to share them with YOU, the iambaker SUPERFRIENDS BAKING GROUP!

Getting entered to win is easy… just comment below and tell me:


You will be entered to win this awesome Russian Tips Set. It is the one I have and use!

In this 52 piece set you will get:

stainless steel piping tips

tri-color coupler set

decorating bags

Cake decorated with Russian Tips

So again, simply tell me What is your favorite flavor frosting to be entered!

I will pick a winner at 4:00pm CST on July 8th, 2017. This giveaway is open to everyone in the world!

Check out this post that shows you exactly HOW to use Russian Tips!

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  • Jenny D says:

    I love my recipe for an all butter buttercream. But I get quite a few requests for my chocolate peanut butter frosting!

  • Steph says:

    I love Swiss merengue buttercream

  • Linda says:

    My favourite flavour frosting is chocolate buttercream. I use it on most of my cakes.

  • Debbie Murdock Rogers says:

    coffee, Coffee, COFFEE! 😉

  • Leoniza baloloy says:

    I just simply love a mocha frosting.. 🙂

  • Lisa Blandino says:

    Buttercream is my favorite… cream cheese is a close second.

  • Courtney Bradley says:

    Caramel buttercream!! Tastes amazing on anything!

  • Adeeko temitope says:

    Butter cream.a ratio 50 50 wt shortening

  • Rachael says:

    Chocolate frosting is my favorite 🙂

  • Heather Huddleston says:

    I love the icing Whole Foods uses on their traditional vanilla cakes. It’s the best. If I am making a frosting it will be the classic buttercream. Simple and easy to work wtih.

  • Nilam Marcelkar says:

    Hi. I followed this post from the FB group I am baker friends – WE LOVE BAKING. I am known on fb as Angels Nisne. I would really love to be one of the lucky winners as I am in love with these Russian tips. They are available online but too costly for me. I love Chocolate ganache frosting because it is very easy and I an use it in three different ways. I can just pour it on the cake to cover it or I can use it to get a drip effect on a buttercream or whipped cream frosted cake. I can whip the chocolate ganache to pipe it or I can cool it and use it in the thick form to cover the cake. And chocolate is the first choice of most of the cake lovers. No doubt it is heavenly tasty too.

  • Lubz yas says:

    Buttercream is my favourite.

  • Guadalupe says:

    Vanilla buttercream!simple and amazing!

  • Angela Posey says:

    Cream cheese butter cream

  • Sheniek says:


  • Ingried tabucol says:

    Chocolate ganache frosting… it was my first time to do it…thanks to your videos

  • Lynda D. Scata says:

    Love the tip’s😊💖

  • ismail kchouk says:

    I just simply love a mocha frosting.

  • Natalie says:

    My favorite frosting is buttercream. You can do so much with it.

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