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filed under: Miscellaneous on May 28, 2009

My new fav design website of the moment is this




You can go, let your mouse linger over any link that catches your eye and a small picture shows up in the upper left hand corner.  Just click the link to see full details…and I do mean full. 

This link gives every detail down to the exact paint colors used and where the accessories were purchased. 

Sarah Richardson (this is the link to her personal website, AMAZING as well!) is one of my favorite designers.  Check out the outdoor space she created on the home page of her website…with the frosted glass particians?  I'm drooling all over.

And look how amazing this bathroom looks… and its a small space! 




This is definately for my next house… you know, the dream home that we are building from scratch on our 20 acres in the middle of a lush green lawn with rolling hills, partial tree cover, next to a sparkling pond?

It could happen.

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  • Bethany says:

    I didn’t know you were looking at the property next to mine! What a coincidence. 🙂 Wow, that is gorgeous. I love all the open shelving in the kitchen. Definitely a post kid house though. Can you imagine all the ketchup and pb&j fingerprints on those white cabinets?

  • Michelle M. says:

    Those photos are gorgeous. I love the tile in the bathroom.

  • Amanda Jo says:

    What a GREAT house!! I love how crisp and clean it is!

  • Laura says:

    I’m in LOVE with that kitchen, I wouldn’t even know what to DO with all those counters! I would probably have to just lay up there to take up space! I love to dream about some hills, ponds, trees and a house built by ME too! 🙂

  • he & me +3 says:

    She is amazing. I need her to come to my tiny bathroom…wow that is awesome.

  • Karen@Surviving Motherhood says:

    Wait a minute.
    Do you mean if I go to that website and click on the pictures, my house will look like THAT?????
    See ya!

  • Michelle G says:

    I really want that bathtub!!! And I really wanted to give you a little something, so swing on by:)

  • JanMary, N Ireland says:

    No, that is MY house you are dreaming of!
    Love the look – my cooker/range is very similar – there the similarities end!
    Had hoped for the big reveal on my kitchen today, but due to technical difficulties (called a dh!) we are not quite there yet (but he has had a stressful week, so I will forgive him).
    Off to check out those links.

  • janis says:

    You and your whites! 🙂 lol
    Would love that much space although I know we would quickly fill and clutter that up as well…it is NEVER enough space!!! We are so spoiled!

  • Marian (Sweetopia) says:

    Amanda I just came over to say hi and I see you like Sarah Richardson too! I used to watch her t.v. shows all the time (hardly watch t.v. anymore now – too busy!), and love her clean designs! Did you see the cottage her and her team made over; my DREAM place.
    Like you said, it COULD happen. LOL

  • vibram shoes sale says:

    I wouldn’t even know what to DO with all those counters! I would probably have to just lay up there to take up space!

  • Alicia says:

    Hi! Would you mind posting a direct link to the bathroom? I have a very tiny bathroom and this is such an inspiration! Thanks!

  • Alicia says:

    Thanks Amanda – I really appreciate it!!