Sixtieth Birthday Cookies

I made some cookies for Sally’s sixtieth birthday.

The request was, “black, hot pink, white, classy, birthday”

I used this sugar cookie recipe and this glaze recipe.


I found a picture of a flower that I liked so I made a rough sketch of it.

I have no idea if it’s classy or not… asking me to define classy can be hit or miss.

Mostly miss.


Then I tried something new.

I think the cookies are ok but they did not turn out like I had hoped! The swirly outside design is actually continuous “60’s” around the edge.


Can ya see it? (I feel like I say that a lot)

It might have turned out like I had envisioned if I had a steadier hand… this is one of those designs that might work better with more practice.




Happy Sixtieth Birthday Sally! Hope you enjoy your cookies!

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Reader Comments

  1. hello there ! just a quick note to tell you that I just l o v e all your little cookies !!! really each of them are so cute which I’m sure must make it hard to eat them 😉
    Thanks for your posts, they are really lovely.

  2. They look great!! Even without noticing it was “60” as a border, it still looks really fun as loops! And I think it looks classy, you’re pulled it off!

  3. Those are so awesome! I especially like the speed limit ones! Great job (as always) and thanks for sharing!

  4. The 60 border! Soooooo cute, Amanda! Your cookies are always *just perfect*! Now, quit being so gosh-darn clever….you make the rest of us look bad! 😉

  5. Wow Amanda!!! You’ve been a cookie baking MaCHINE! I don’t know how you keep up with all of those cookies!
    I love the flowers, she must have been thrilled to receive those!

  6. very sweet, and the color combination is adorable. Sorry if this Q has been asked, but when you do a white base, do you tint with white or just leave as is? The white in your pics looks nice and bright (but I know your recipe doesn’t call for vanilla, either).

  7. ok, so this is a site that I look at and want to lick my computer screen. (It would not taste good.) I cannot believe that you can make the pictures look so real and good. Thanks for showing them. (My hips thank you for not sharing with them.)

  8. Amanda,
    THANK YOU for the cookies. I am very happy with how they came out! My mother felt like the most special gal in the world. The cookies were beyond my expectations! I am extremely satisfied, you deserve to be making LOTS of money for your sugary talents!! 🙂
    PS- I hope you got my emails…

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