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Sixtieth Birthday Cookies

I made some cookies for Sally’s sixtieth birthday.

The request was, “black, hot pink, white, classy, birthday”

I used this sugar cookie recipe and this glaze recipe.


I found a picture of a flower that I liked so I made a rough sketch of it.

I have no idea if it’s classy or not… asking me to define classy can be hit or miss.

Mostly miss.


Then I tried something new.

I think the cookies are ok but they did not turn out like I had hoped! The swirly outside design is actually continuous “60’s” around the edge.


Can ya see it? (I feel like I say that a lot)

It might have turned out like I had envisioned if I had a steadier hand… this is one of those designs that might work better with more practice.




Happy Sixtieth Birthday Sally! Hope you enjoy your cookies!

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  • Katie says:

    Wow Amanda!!! You’ve been a cookie baking MaCHINE! I don’t know how you keep up with all of those cookies!
    I love the flowers, she must have been thrilled to receive those!

  • Steph says:

    those cookies are beautiful!

  • Jenny says:

    very sweet, and the color combination is adorable. Sorry if this Q has been asked, but when you do a white base, do you tint with white or just leave as is? The white in your pics looks nice and bright (but I know your recipe doesn’t call for vanilla, either).

  • smgoodie says:

    ok, so this is a site that I look at and want to lick my computer screen. (It would not taste good.) I cannot believe that you can make the pictures look so real and good. Thanks for showing them. (My hips thank you for not sharing with them.)

  • Beckey Gonzales says:

    THANK YOU for the cookies. I am very happy with how they came out! My mother felt like the most special gal in the world. The cookies were beyond my expectations! I am extremely satisfied, you deserve to be making LOTS of money for your sugary talents!! 🙂
    PS- I hope you got my emails…

  • Grapefruit says:

    They’re sooooo lovely. Really! And I love the swirls.

  • Adam Golomb says:

    Great blog post. Those are beautiful cookies.